Injuraturi in limba engleza(tutorial II)

§                du-te în pula mea: “Go inside my dick” (literal transaltion; it means being penetrated by one’s cock); formal meaning: “Fuck off”.

§                futu-ti ceapa mă-tii:”fuck your mom’s onion”

§                târâ-mi-aş coaiele pe coliva mă-tii: “I would like to put my balls on your mother’s koliva“. (Koliva - a traditional funeral cake in Romania).

§                floci (plural of floc): pubic hairs.

§                căcat: shit

§                căcare: shitting; shit as in “to take a shit” from the Latin word “cacāre” meaning to defecate

§                laba: masturbation (literally “paw”)

§                futai, futere: sexual intercourse

§                muie: blowjob, oral sex (from “muian” which is an old Romanian word for “face” still used in some rural areas although “faţă” is now used the most.)

§                caca: children’s word for shit

§                pipi: children’s word for piss

§                pişat: piss

§                Sporca-i-m-as in supa matii (I squirt in your mom’s soup) : used rarely and when angered

§                Luaţi-aş faţa-n erecţie: is a rarely used phrase, encountered specially amongst people with a little more imagination that the average Joe. Means the same as îţi dau la muie

§                mănânci căcat: literally “you eat shit” roughly equivalent to “talk shit” in English

§                sugi pula: one of the most commonly used Romanian profanities, it literally means “you suck cock,” generally used to mean “blow me”

§                să-mi beleşti pula (or beli-mi-ai pula): very commonly used, literally meaning “rob my cock”, could be translated as “give me a handjob”

§                ia pula: an alternative to “sugi pula”, it literally means “take the dick”

§                îţi dau la muie: another way of saying “I fuck your mouth”

§                Ia la muie!: “Get fucked in the mouth!”

§                Mânca-mi-ai… !: “Eat me…” Used in conjunction with a variety of words, including pula, pizda, coaiele, curul and căcatul

§                ce pula mea ?: literally “What my dick,” equivalent to “what the fuck” in English. Expresses a state of confusion, frustration, uncertainty. It is also used in place of simply “ce” as a strong intensifier (as in “de ce pula mea,” meaning “why the fuck”)

§                futu-ţi morţii tăi: literally “fuck your dead relatives” it is a common profanity in Romania although some people may consider it a blasphemy as it means disrespect for the dead. Can also be stated as “luati-as mortii in pula” meaning “I should take all your dead relatives in my dick”

§                mă piş pe tine (pe voi)!: “I piss on you!”

§                eşti futut în cur: you are “high and mighty”(literally “you have been fucked in your ass”)

§                mă cac pe tine: I shit on you

§                du-te în pizda mă-tii: “Go back into your mother’s pussy” (literal translation); formal meaning: “Go fuck your mother”.

§                du-te în pula mea: “Go inside my dick” (literal transaltion; it means being penetrated by one’s cock); formal meaning: “Fuck off”.

§                dă-te-n sloboz: “Go into semen” meaning: “Fuck off”.

§                (la) naiba’: (to) the devil; roughly, equivalent to “damn”

§                (la) dracu: (to) the devil (from the Latin “draco” meaning devil); equivalent to “damn!”, “(be) damned!”

§                du-te la dracu: “go to hell!”, literally “go to the devil”; also “du-te dracului”

§                nu te fute cu mine: don’t fuck with me

§                te fut în gură: I fuck your mouth (also “futu-te-n gura” and “ti-o dau sus”), but more accurately “Blow me”.

§                te fut în cur: I fuck your ass

§                te fut în nas: I fuck your nose

§                dracu’ să te ia: “the devil should take you”

§                să fii al dracului: “you should belong to the devil”, “go to hell”

§                să fiu al dracului or al dracului să fiu: “I’ll be damned!”.

§                târâ-mi-aş coaiele pe coliva mă-tii: “I would like to put my balls on your mother’s koliva“. (Koliva - a traditional funeral cake in Romania).

§                usca-mi-aş chiloţii pe crucea mă-tii: “I would like to dry my underware on your mother’s cross.”

§                sa iti fut copiii in inima: “i’ll fuck your children in the heart”

§                Futu-ti cremonii mă-tii:”fuck your mom cremons”

§                Futu-ti ceapa mă-tii:”fuck your mom’s onion”

§                a o pune: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to put it,” “it” being the penis)

§                a şi-o trage: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to pull it,” with “it,” as above, being the penis)

§                a da în geantă: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to hit the purse”)

§                a băga mielu’ la căldură: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to take the lamb somewhere warm”)

§                a băga lemnul in sobă: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to put the wood into the fireplace”)

§                a băga osul in ciorbă: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to put the bone into the soup”)

§                a o lua în mână: to masturbate (literally “to grab it with the hand”)

§                a face degeţica: to masturbate (only used of female masturbation)

§                a da cu bidineaua: to masturbate(literally “to brush”)

§                a se juca cu răţuşca: to masturbate(literally “to play with the rubber ducky”)

§                a da la labă: to masturbate(literally “hitting the paw”)

§                a (se) fute: to fuck; to have sexual intercourse (from the Latin “futuere”). The word can be used in a number of ways for example if one asks if a young female “se fute” this means he actually inquires if she has had sex before or if she is open to the idea.

§                a codoşi: to pimp someone

§                a face trotuarul: literally meaning ‘doing the sidewalk’ means prostituting one’s self(because prostitutes often stand on sidewalks while attempting to attract potential customers. A similar expression is ‘a vinde pizda’ which literally means “selling pussy”. In regular language “a se prostitua”, “to prostitute one’s self” is used.

§                a da nămolul la deal or a impinge nămolul la deal or a ridica mămăliga la deal: literally meaning “to push the mud uphill” means “to fuck in the ass”

§                a arăta muie: showing the middle finger pointing upwards roughly equivalent to “flipping the bird” in English

§                a da la buci: to have anal sex. Very commonly used also with the meaning of having normal sexual intercourse

§                a da limbi în pizdǎ: to give cunnilingus (literally “to give tongue inside the pussy”)

§                a da la magazia cu damf: to make anal sex (literally “to hit the reeked storeroom”)

§                a manca salam barbos cu curul: to make anal sex (literally “to eat bearded salami with the ass”)

§                a impinge cacatul la roaba: to make anal sex (literally “to push the shit in the wheelbarrow”)

§                a da la nutella: to make anal sex (literally “to hit the nutella”; nutella is the name of a chocolate cream product)

§                ochiul maro: asshole (literally “brown eye”)

§                ochiul cu gene incalcite : asshole (literally “the eye with tangled eyebrows”)

§                a cobori mosul in beci: to have intercourse (literally meaning “to lower the old man into the basement”)

§                a parca shorloboanca: to have intercourse (literally meaning “to park the dick”) - (shorloboanca - synonym of pula)

§                a da cu mobra-n gaste: to have intercourse (literally meaning “to run the mobra into the geese”) - (mobra-type of motor bicycle - used as a synonym for pula)

§                a face o memeaca: - synonym with a lua la muie which means blow job

§                a da la biriboanca: - synonim with a da la buci in other words to have sexual intercourse

§                a baga magarul in beci: - synonim with a da la buci in other words to have sexual intercourse

§                a deschide viitorul: - synonim with a dezvirgina in other words to have sexual intercourse with a virgin woman

§                a manca salam de sibiu cu capul viu:- literally “to eat sibiu salami with the head alive”—sibiu is a town// Meaning “blow job”

§                a da ca-n oala cu sarmale:- literally “to hit like in the sarmale pot”-sarmale is a traditionally food meaning intercource

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