Explicarea extensiilor la programe care incep cu litera C

C = C programming language source code Borland C++ , CodeWarrior , Microsoft Visual C++
C = Check Point Site Configuration
C = Compressed unix file archive : compact
C = Mime: text/plain
C = Mime: text/x-c
C V = Cvip file
C!_ = Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
C# = Microsoft c#
C*DB = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Up-to-Date Calendar
C*DR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Up-to-Date Datebook
C++ = C++ Source Borland C++ , CodeWarrior , Microsoft Visual C++
C++ = Mime: text/plain
C-- = C Source
C-- = Sphinx C-- language source code file
C-MAP = C-map file formats. standard formats for sea nautical charts.
C00 = Ventura Publisher print file
C01 = Typhoon wave files
C02 = Driveimage ace file
C03 = Driveimage ace file
C04 = Driveimage ace file
C05 = Driveimage ace file
C06 = Driveimage ace file
C07 = Driveimage ace file
C08 = Driveimage ace file
C09 = Driveimage ace file
C1 = Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 scenes advanced newltpot file
C10 = Driveimage ace file
C11 = Driveimage ace file
C12 = Driveimage ace file
C13 = Driveimage ace file
C14 = Driveimage ace file
C15 = Driveimage ace file
C16 = Driveimage ace file
C17 = Driveimage ace file
C18 = Driveimage ace file
C19 = Driveimage ace file
C2 = Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 scenes advanced newltpot file
C20 = Driveimage ace file
C21 = Driveimage ace file
C22 = Driveimage ace file
C23 = Driveimage ace file
C24 = Driveimage ace file
C25 = Driveimage ace file
C26 = Driveimage ace file
C27 = Driveimage ace file
C28 = Driveimage ace file
C29 = Driveimage ace file
C2D = IsoBuster File
C2I = Driver file
C2I = Tt file
C2L = Cequadrat Winoncd file
C2X = Winoncd file
C3 = Povwin Pov-ray for Windows v3.1 scenes advanced newltpot file
C30 = Driveimage ace file
C31 = Driveimage ace file
C32 = Driveimage ace file
C33 = Driveimage ace file
C34 = Driveimage ace file
C35 = Driveimage ace file
C36 = Driveimage ace file
C37 = Driveimage ace file
C38 = Driveimage ace file
C39 = Quicken ace file
C3D = Micrografx
C3D1 = Chem3D Cartesian 1 chemical modeller input file
C3D1 = Chem3D Cartesian 1 chemical modeller output file
C3D2 = Chem3D Cartesian 2 chemical modeller input file
C3D2 = Chem3D Cartesian 2 chemical modeller output file
C4 = Bitmap image (1bit) (JEDMICS CCITT4 format)
C4 = Edmics image format
C40 = Quicken ace file
C41 = Quicken ace file
C42 = Quicken ace file
C43 = Quicken ace file
C44 = Quicken ace file
C45 = Quicken ace file
C46 = Quicken ace file
C47 = Quicken ace file
C48 = Quicken ace file
C49 = Quicken ace file
C4D = 3d Graphic
C50 = Quicken ace file
C51 = Quicken ace file
C52 = Quicken ace file
C53 = Quicken ace file
C54 = Quicken ace file
C55 = Quicken ace file
C56 = Quicken ace file
C64 = Commodore 64 bitmap image
C86 = C language source code file (Computer Innovation C86)
C?? = Winace compressed archiv
C_ = Winhelp file (compressed)
C__ = C++ Source; C__ is C++ in Win32
C_M = Eru/erd file
CA = DATAIR FlexPlus Data File
CA = Initial cache data for root domain servers (Telnet)
CA0 = Borland Installer packed and splitted file
CA1 = Delphi Install Disk11 file
CA2 = Delphi Install Disk12 file
CA3 = Delphi Install Disk9 file
CA4 = Delphi Install Disk10 file
CA5 = Delphi Install Disk11 file
CA7 = Beta 44 job file
CA_ = Midiprg Cakepro compressed file
CAB = Windows Cabinet Compressed Archive
CAC = dBASE IV executable when caching on/off
CAC = Microsoft Infoview
CACCRT = Cacao Cartesian chemical modeller input file
CACCRT = Cacao Cartesian chemical modeller output file
CACHE = CAChe MolStruct chemical modeller output file
CACHE = Snacc-1.3 vda file
CACINT = Cacao Internal chemical modeller output file
CAD = Drafix Windows CAD picture
CADPAC = Cambridge CADPAC chemical modeller input file
CAF = Southern Company Terrestrial Data Acq
Caf¾ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Caf¾
CAG = MS Clip Gallery Catalog
CAL = CALS Raster Goup 1 image format
CAL = CALS Raster Group 4 fax compressed bitmap
CAL = CyberAudioLibrary link
CAL = Microsoft Schedule Plus 1.0
CAL = Mime: image/x-cals
CAL = MS Windows 3.x Calendar
CAL = SuperCalc spreadsheet
Cal* = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Now Up-to-Date
CALS = Bitmap image (Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support)
CALS = CALS Raster Group 1 image format
CAM = Calibrated Camera File Photomodeller
CAM = Casio QV digital CAMera image
CAM = Minolta CAM file
CAM = QV-PC 10 Cassio Digital Camera
CAN = Navigator Fax
canF = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CanOpener Filter
caoS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CanOpener Preference File
CAP = Compressed music file
CAP = Network Associates Sniffer Capture File
CAP = ProComm/Telix session Capture file
CAP = Ventura Publisher Caption
CAR = AtHome Assistant
CAR = Biosym .CAR chemical modeller input file
CAR = NeoBook Cartoon image format
CARO = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Acrobat Distiller
CARO = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Acrobat files (PC ext: PDF)
CARO = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Acrobat Reader
CARO = Creatorcode Adobe Acrobat (MAC) (also Exchange)
CAS = Borland combined C/Assembly source code
CAS = Comma-delimited ASCII file
Cash = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Cache
CAT = dBASE/CP Backup CATalogue-file
CAT = Mime: application/vnd.ms-pki.seccat
CAT = Photomatrix image format
CAT = Quicken IntelliCharge CATegorization file
CAT = Rational Rose logical package
CB = Microsoft clean boot file
CBC = CubiCalc fuzzy logic system
CBD = System Dll Catroot file
CBF = Chess Base
CBI = IBM mainframe Column BInary formatted file
CBK = System Dll Catroot file
CBL = Cobol language source code file same as COB
CBM = Bitmap picture; XLib
CBM = Fuzzy Bitmap image format
CBM = XLib compiled bitmap image
CBN = PaperMaster Cabinets group related folders and files into a cohesive unit that is used by PaperMaster (organizing, archiving, and retrieving digital versions of files) http://www.papermaster.net
cbnd = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Connection Tool
CBS = MasterWord button bar configuration
CBT = Borland Computer Based Training
CBT = MS Computer Based Training
CC = C++ language source code file (gcc)
CC = CC language source code file (cc)
CC = Mime: text/plain
CC = Mime: text/x-c
CC = Visual dBASE custom class
CC_ = Audio Utility Midimach compressed file
CCA = CC: MAil Data
CCAD = Mime: application/clariscad
CCAD = ClarisCAD data
CCB = Visual Basic animated button configuration
CCC = Curtain Call bitmap image (native format)
CCC = Microsoft Internet Chat Conversation
CCD = CloneCd Related File
CCE = Calendar Creator Plus Data
CCF = Lotus Symphony communications configuration; INI
CCF = OS/2 Multimedia Viewer configuration file
CCF = OS2 Multimedia Viewer configuration file
CCF = Symphony communications configuration file
CCH = Corel Chart
CCH = OES Systems Photomodeler Photochip file (thumbnail)
CCI = CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
CCITT = CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
CCL = Intalk Communication Command Language file
CCM = Lotus CC:Mailbox
CCN = Mime: application/x-cnc
CCN = Vitalize! Game File
CCO = Btx Graphics file (XBTX)
CCO = CyberChat data file
CCO = Mime: application/x-cocoa
CCP = Clonecd Profiles file
CCR = Microsoft Internet Chat Conversation Shortcut
CCRF = Bitmap image (Calcomp Raster File) (B&W or 1bit CMYK for printers)
CCS = Ccs-lib file
CCT = Macromedia Director Shockwave cast
CCX = Corel Photo House : Graphics
CD = CD description (DN)
CD1 = DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Data
CD2 = DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Text
CDA = CD Audio song
CDB = CardScan Card DataBase
CDB = Clipboard
CDB = Clipboard File
CDB = Main database (Turbo C Utilities)
CDB = One Page from a ROM With a View Project
CDB = PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup
CDC = Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin file
CDD = Chromeleon Device Driver file
cdev = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Control Panel
CDF = Comma Delimited Data Format, NSSDC scientific graphical format
CDF = Cyberspace Description Format, ASCII format describing VRML worlds
CDF = InstallShield Components Definition File
CDF = Mime: application/cdf
CDF = Mime: application/x-cdf
CDF = Mime: application/x-netcdf
CDF = Ms Channel Definition Format
CDF = Unidata netCDF graphics
CDFS = Compact Disk filing system (WindRiver)
CDI = Compact Disk Interactive (Phillips CD-I IFF file)
CDIC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Spelling Dictionary
CDK = Atari Calamus document CDKEY = Access Data MEDIAREMOTE
CDKEY = Access data (MediaRemote)
CDKEY = Mime: application/vnd.mediastation.cdkey
CDL = CADKey CAD language file
CDM = Music format (compressed)
CDM = Novell NetWare Disk Drivers NPA
CDM = PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File
CDM = Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
CDO = California 7.5 Minute DEM
CDP = CD Architect Project
CDR = Corel Draw Bitmap (preview) image format
CDR = CorelDRAW vector image
CDR = Raw audio-CD data
CDr3 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Toast v. 3
CDR3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 3 Drawing
CDR4 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 4
CDR5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 5
CDR6 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 6
CDrw = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisDraw
Cdrw = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw
CDS = Format on a copy protected CD ????
CDT = CorelDRAW Template
CDT6 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw 6 Template
CDT_ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDraw Template
CDU = CDU Paint image format
CDV = CatDV Catalog File (www.catdv.com)
CDX = Active Server Document
CDX = CorelDRAW compressed drawing
CDX = FoxPro Compound index (database container)
CDX = Microstation Cell Library Index
CDX = Mime: chemical/x-cdx
CDX = Mime: chemical/x-chem3d
CDZ = ROM With a View Project
CE = Digital Vision IFF bitmap Computer Eyes
CE = FarSide Computer Calendar data
CE1 = Computer Eyes, Raw image format
CE2 = Computer Exes,RAW image format
CE? = 2d Graphic
CEF = CA Clipper workbench application
CEG = Tempra Show/Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics bitmap image
CEL = AutoDesk Animator/3D Studio Cel animation (bitmap)
CEL = Bitmap image (15/32bit) (Lumena CEL file) (Time Arts software)
CEL = CIMFast event language file
CEL = Kiss Paper Doll File
CEL = Microstation Cell Library
CELP = Sound
CEM = Computer Graphics Meta-file
CER = Internet Security Certificate
CER = Lahey Fortran compilation error messages
CER = Mime: application/pkix-cert
CER = Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
CERI = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Certificate Indx
CERT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Certificate Indx
CES = Sheffield dic file
CEX = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam program
CEX = the Currency Exchanger Rate
CF = Imake ConFiguration
CFB = Comptons Multimedia file
CFB = Inmos binary configuration file
CFF = Capabilities File for FOUNDATION Fieldbus
CFG = ConFiGuration file
CFG = Swisslog System Configuration File
CFH = Capabilities File for FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus
CFK = Kardplay 1.62 file
CFL = Corel Flow flow chart
CFL = MS Developer Studio diagram
CFM = ColdFusion template
CFM = HyperText Markup Language file WWW
CFM = Visual dBASE customer form
CFN = Atari Calamus font data
CFO = Borland Turbo C
CFO = TCU C Form Object file (Turbo C Utilities)
CFP = Complete Fax docu
CFR = CFR Guidance (NRC Inspection Manual)
CFS = Inmos configuration file
CFT = CFast graphics file (Disney Animation Studio)
CFT = Flow Chart; Corel Flow Template
CFX = Creative Dsp file
CG = Norton Crashguard file
CG4 = CALS Group IV : Bitmap graphics
CGA = bitmap in BMP. format Saved in CGA resolution MRBC.EXE.
CGA = Ventura Publisher CGA display font
CGD = Cricket Graph Data
CGdb = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Clip Art Package
CGDC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Common Ground Document
CGF = Asm Objasm file
CGG = Cricket Graph Graphics
CGI = Common Gateway Interface script (WWW)
CGI = Common Gateway Interface script file
CGI = Mime: magnus-internal/cgi
CGL = CodeGuard error log
CGM = Computer Graphics Meta-file bitmap
CGM = Computer Graphics Metafile vector-image, mostly vectors but also bitmaps
CGM = Mime: image/cgm
CGP = NetCaptor CaptorGroup
CGT = Cricket Graph Slide
CGVM = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Common Ground
CH = Clipper include
CH = OS/2 configuration file
CH0 = Chartfile (graph)
CH1 = Freelance CHart
CH2 = Chartfile (graph)
CH3 = Harvard Graphics for DOS 3.0 Chart
CH3 = Harvard Graphics v3.0 CHart/image
CH4 = Charisma 4.0 presentation
CHA = Adobe Pagemaker Kerning Data
CHA = CHAt (IRC data)
CHA = Mime: application/x-chat
CHARMM = CHARMm chemical modeller input file
CHAT = CHAT (IRC data)
CHAT = Mime: application/x-chat
CHB = Oledb Checkbook file
CHD = Ares Font Chameleon font description
CHF = pcAnywhere Remote Control File
CHG = Quicken intuit(old) de online dat file
CHH = C++ Header
CHI = ChiWriter document
CHJ = Help Composer Project
CHK = file fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk
CHK = WordPerfect for Win temporary file
CHL = Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
CHL = Configuration History Log
CHL = RealPlayer Live Channel
CHM = Ares Font Chameleon Source Font; font outline
CHM = Microsoft Compiled HTML
CHM = Mime: chemical/x-chemdraw
CHM = Mime: chemical/x-cs-chemdraw
CHN = Ethnograph 3 data
CHO = Ares Font Chameleon Output Font
CHP = Corel VENTURA chapter
CHP = Ventura Publisher chapter document
CHQ = WIN Help file
CHR = Borland language stroke font file
CHS = Corel Presentations Chart Style
CHT = Chartist from Novagraph
CHT = ChartViewer file
CHT = Cheat Machine Data File
CHT = dBASE interface file
CHT = Harvard Graphics Graphwriter II/SoftCraft Presenter CHarT/image
CHW = HTML Help general index, funtional comparable with .gid
CHY = Claris : Hyphenation
CHZ = CHARC compressed file archive
CIA = Sheffield dictionary file
cidm = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Find File PDF Encoding
CIF = Caltech Intermediate Format image
CIF = Colombo Ipermedia File
CIF = Easy CD Creator CD Image File
CIF = IUCr Crystallographic Information File
CIF = Mime: chemical/x-cif
CIF = pcAnywhere Caller File
CIF = Ventura Publisher information(chapter/converted image)
CIH = Virus Tchernobyl
CII = Launcher of ANSER-WEB Terminal Client
CII = Mime: application/vnd.anser-web-certificate-issue-initiation
CIK = Corel Graphics10 Custom dual tone file
CIL = Clip Gallery download package
CIM = C Text Mode Image File (The Ultimate Draw)
CIM = CIMEX Cimpack Design Drawing
CIM = Sim City 200 file
CIM_ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe
CIN = Digital moving Picture eXchange bitmap by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
CIN = Kodak Cineon image format
CIN = Microsoft Cinemania (CIN96LM CIN96UPD)
CIN = OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file
CIN96LM = See above CIN
CIN96UPD = See above CIN
CINEMA4D = Cinema4d Amiga version only
CINEON = Kodak CINEON image format
CIPO = Internet; same as CPI
CIPT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisImpact
CIR = SuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command
CIT = Intergraph Scanned Image
CIX = Database index (Turbo C Utilities)
CK1 = iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data file
CK2 = iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data file
CK3 = iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data file
CK4 = iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data file
CK5 = iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data file
CK6 = iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data file
CK? = iD/Apogee Commander Keen
CKB = Borland C++ 4.x keyboard mapping
CKP = Ingres Dbase Checkpoint data
CL = Common Lisp programming language source code
CL3 = Easy CD Creator CD layout
CL4 = Easy CD Creator CD Layout
CL_ = C Poet compressed Disk1 file
CLA = Clarion source
CLA = CLASS Java Class
CLA = Mime: application/vnd.claymore
claF = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Font File
CLAS = Java Class
CLASS = Java bytecode (compiled class - application)
CLASS = Mime: application/java
CLASS = Mime: application/java-byte-code
CLASS = Mime: application/octet-stream
CLASS = Mime: application/x-java-class
CLASS = Mime: application/x-java.vm
CLB = Super NoteTab CLipBook template
CLC = Microsoft Schedule+ 7-Habits Mission Statement
CLD = CA Clipper debugger configuration file
CLD = TerraGen CLouD layer file (landscape renderer)
CLDLYR = TerraGen CLouD LaYeR file (landscape renderer)
CLF = ListPro File
CLG = Database of Disk Catalog
CLIP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Clipboard File
CLK = Corel R.A.V.E. Animation File
cLKz = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Date Preferences
CLL = CrickSoftware Clicker File
CLM = Micrografx Picture Publisher 7 macro
CLN = CLT file
CLO = Cloe image
CLOE = Cloe Ray-Tracer image
CLP = CA Clipper compiler responce file
CLP = GoDot image format
CLP = Mime: application/x-msclip
CLP = Quattro Pro/PCPaint/Pictor bitmap CLiP-art
CLP = Windows Clipboard
clpp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Picture Clipping
clps = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Sound Clipping
clpt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Text Clipping
CLR = 1st Reader CoLoR binary screen image
CLR = Boxer/2 CoLoR scheme
CLR = Photostyler CoLoR definitions
CLR = WinEdit Colorization Word List
CLS = Arcview
CLS = JavaScript class
CLS = MS VB-4 Class Module Add-In
CLS = MS VisC++/Visual Basic class definition
clss = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Java Class Filegcodiclass
Clss = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Metrowerks Java Class
CLU = Cluster File
CLUT = Color Lookup table/ palette of an indexed image
CLW = MFC Class Wizard information (Ms VC++)
CLX = UltraEdit file
CLY = Corel Graphics10 Custom Layouts file
CM = CraftMan data
CM = Unix Puzzle bitmap image (8bit)
CM4 = ClipMate Data File
CMA = Applix TM1 Database
CMB = Chromeleon Backup Archive
CMB = Xtree for Windows button bar
CMC = CosmoCaller : Remote connection information
CMC = Mime: application/vnd.cosmocaller
CMD = 1st Reader external CoMmanD menu
CMD = command file for Windows NT
CMD = dBASE/Waffle CoMmanD file
CMD = DOS CP/M command file
CMD = OS/2 Command language, more advanced than BAT
CMD = REXX batch file (OS/2)
CMDF = CrystalMaker
CMDF = Mime: chemical/x-cmdf
cMdO = (MAC FILE_TYPE) SARez Setting File
CMdt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Dictionary
CMF = Corel metafile
CMF = Sound Blaster synthesized FM-sound (Creative Music File)
CMG = Chessmaster saved game
CMgr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Configuration Mgr
CMI = The Dig bundle files - files containing all music
CMK = Card Shop Plus card
CML = Cheat Machine Library File
CML = CML document (Chemical Markup Language)
CML = Mime: chemical/x-cml
CML = PADGen Company Info File
CMM = CEnvi CMM script
CMP = Address document of Route 66
CMP = Compressed data (PKWare compression library)
CMP = CorelDraw header file for PostScript printer files
CMP = CraftMan data
CMP = Discorp CMP Image image format
CMP = JPEG bitmap image (Lead CMP compression)
CMP = Leadview Bitmap
CMP = Microsoft Internet Explorer custom menu plugin
CMP = Mime: application/vnd.yellowriver-custom-menu
CMP = Ms Word for DOS user dictionary
CMP = Open Access File
CMP = Photofinish Calibration MaP
cmpi = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Contextual Menus Plug-in
CMR = Movie
CMRT = CraftMan data
CMT = Chinon ES-1000 digital camera image format
CMT = Corel Draw
CMU = Audio mono (short ints,mono,CMU header ,TIMIT)
CMU = Bitmap image (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Window Manager bitmap Formats)
CMUWM = Bitmap image (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Window Manager bitmap Formats)
CMV = CorelMove/CorelDraw 4.0 animation
CMX = Apple Viewer File
CMX = Corel Presentation Exchange, Corel Metafile Exchange or Clipart
CMX = Mime: application/x-cmx
CMX = Mime: image/x-cmx
CMY = Corel40 Custom file
CMYK = Raw cyan, magenta, yellow and black bytes bitmap image
CN_ = Regeditx file
CNC = CNC general program data
CND = ControlDraw File
CNF = Conference Link
CNF = generaly configuration-file (program,printer setup etc)
CNF = Lotus configuration file: 123.CNF
CNF = MS Windows 95 Speed Dial
CNM = Windows application menu options and setup file
CNQ = Compuworks Design shop file
CNS = Chgname settings
CNT = Rational Rose 98 contents tab file Rational Rose 98
CNT = Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
CNTK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Outlook Express Contacts
CNV = Translation; Converter (Driver, Overlay?)
CNV = Word for Windows dll for import CoNVersion
CNV = WordPerfect for Win temporary file WordPerfect
CNV = WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion
CO$ = MS compressed COM; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
COA = Caligari trueSpace 3D object (ASCII)
COB = Caligari trueSpace 3D object (binary), also truespace2
COB = COBOL programming language source
COBOL = Micro-Focus Cobol
COD = Boxer/2 printer CODe definition file
COD = Forecast Plus
COD = FORTRAN program compiled CODe
COD = generally Code List
COD = Microsoft Multiplan
COD = Mime: image/cis-cod
COD = Source code in assembler with original C code as comments (Ms C)
COD = StatPac Gold datafile
COD = Template source file (dBASE Application Generator) dBASE
COD = UUPC CODe definition table
COD = Videotext file
CODECS = Video compressors/decompressors (codecs) (Video for Windows and ActiveMovie)
COFF = Windows NT object file format
COL = "COLWIZ" Internet Colour Wizard Colour Scheme
COL = Autodesk Animator palette
COL = COLor palette (Autodesk Animator - many)
COL = Lotus Notes Import Column Description File
COL = Ms Multiplan spreadsheet
COLOR = Amaya config file
Colr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Kaleidoscope Scheme
COM = Common Object Module
COM = Compiled executable program
COM = DOS or CP/M executable (COMmand), mostly smaller than 64 Kb
COM = Mime: application/octet-stream
COM = Mime: text/plain
comd = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Networking Extension
COMMS = Adobe Serial and Parallel Communications Protocols Specification
Comp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Compiler
COMPRESS = MS Compress 5.0 File Format
CON = Concordance (WordPerfect document)
CON = Conjure chemical modeller output file
CON = Knowledgeware Consolidation File
CON = Simdir CONfiguration file
CON = Tree Professional Conifer Creator File
CONF = Mime: text/plain
CONF = Unix CONFiguration information
CONFIG = Mime: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig
CONFIG = SWISH-E configuration file
CONSOLE = Winnt console file
CONTMP = Conjure Template chemical modeller output file
CONTOUR = Contour Mortgage loan file format
COO = COOkie file
COOK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Cookie File
COP = Tree Professional Conifer Creator Image File
COR = coreldraw file
Cor1 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Corel Multimedia Manager
CORE = Bitmap image (Core Software Tech CORE IDC file)
CoTx = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Corel Texture
COUNT = Gen counters file
COUNTER = Netobjects fusion Components Bbscomp message file
COV = Fax Cover Page (Win2000 Cover Page Editor)
CO¼k = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Java Library
CP = Sound shared file
CP8 = CP8 256 Gray Scale image
CP_ = Compr. Scanner us driver file
CPAO = 3dize Cool Page Objects Counter file
CPC = Compressed image (Cartesian Perceptual Compression)
CPCT = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Compactor (Pro ?)
CPCT = (MAC FILE TYPE) Archive created by Compactor (Pro)
CPCT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Compact Pro
CPD = Complaints Desk script
CPD = Corel PrintOffice drawing
CPD = Fax cover page (Windows)
CPE = Fax cover page
CPE = Fax cover page (Windows)
CPF = The Complete Fax file
CPG = 3dize Cool Page Tutorials file
CPH = Corel PrintHouse picture (simple layout program)
CPI = Bitmap image (Colorlab Processed Image)
CPI = Calamus picture image format
CPI = Cartesian Products Compressed Internet document
CPI = Character Translation; Windows or DOS International code page
CPI = Microsoft MS-DOS code page information file
CPIO = Mime: application/x-cpio
CPJ = CeQuadrat CD ProJect file
CPL = Compel presentation
CPL = Corel colour palette
CPL = Windows Control Panel extension
CPM = Turbo Pascal Dos file
CPnl = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Configuration Panel
CPO = Corel Print House data
CPP = C++ source
CPP = CA-Cricket Presents presentation
CPP = Mime: text/x-c
CPR = Corel PRESENTS Presentation
CPR = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Program Code
CPR = Knowledge Access Graphics
CPS = Antivirus Checksum File
CPS = Central Point PC Tools Backup
CPS = Color PostScript
CPS = QEMM backup of startup files
CPT = song pattern file written by Casio digital pianos. Skeleton of a song, to provide accompaniment while the user plays the melody.
CPT = Bitmap Picture; Corel PHOTO-PAINT bitmap
CPT = CA-Cricket Presents Template
CPT = CA-Cricket template
CPT = Compact Pro archive format (Macintosh)
CPT = dBASE encrypted memo file dBASE
CPT = Mime: application/mac-compactpro
CPT = Mime: application/x-compactpro
CPT = Mime: application/x-cpt
CPU = Sysoft Sandra file
cpup = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CPU Plug-in
CPX = Character Translation; Character set translation table
CPX = Control Panel Applet
CPX = Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawing
CPX = CryptaPix Encrypted Image
CPY = Cobol Include
CPY = Copy Books Data File
CPZ = COMPOZ music text file
CR = Bitmap image (32bit) (Iris CT format) (Iris printers)
CR$ = Basic Vb Kartei file
CRA = Advanced CRAck file (usually text)
CRB = Cardfile
CRC = Check file (Win-SFV32) (Fantasia Software)
CRD = Mime: application/x-mscardfile
CRD = Windows/Yourway CaRDfile database
CRE = generated by "Cresus" accounting software
CRF = Bitmap image (Calcomp Raster File) (B&W or 1bit CMYK for printers)
CRF = MASM/Zortech C++ Cross-reference
CRF = Programming cross-reference
CRG = Calamus picture image format
CRH = Links Games Course File
CRH = MS Golf Image File
CRK = CRacK file (usually text)
CRL = Certificate Revocation List
CRL = Mime: application/pkcs-crl
CRL = Mime: application/pkix-crl
CRMLOG = WIN Registration file
CRO = Webalizer.01 Lang file
CRP = Corel Presents run-time presentation
CRP = dBASE IV encrypted database dBASE
CRP = Visual dBASE Custom RePort file dBASE
CRS = Links Games Course File
CRS = WordPerfect 5.1 File Conversion Resource
CRS3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) OmniPage Lite
CRT = Commodore emulator file; image of a cartridge
CRT = Certificate file
CRT = Internet Security Certificate
CRT = Mime: application/pkix-cert
CRT = Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
CRT = Mime: application/x-x509-user-cert
CRT = Oracle terminal settings information
CRT = Unix Crontab File
CrTC = (MAC FILE TYPE) Project file by Toast 3
CRU = CRUSH compressed file archive
CRV = Corel Graphics10 Custom gradients file
CRW = Canon PowerShot image format
CRX = Links Games Course File
CRY = Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content
CRZ = Links Games Course
CS = C#.NET Source
CS_ = Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file
CSA = Comma Delimited textfile
CSB = Pci Ncr3030 Ncrflash file
CSC = Corel SCRIPT 6.0 Script
CSC = Wizard
CSD = Bitstream Fontware File
CSD = Chemsoft MSDS Database File
CSF = Game: Uefa champions league Logic Cutscene file
CSG = Statistica Graph
CSH = Internet Program
CSH = Mime: application/x-csh
CSH = Mime: text/x-script.csh
CSH = Unix shell script (csh)
CSI = Cyberautograph Signed Item
CSK = Claris Works
CSL = Aol5.0 csl file
CSLM = Bitmap image (Zeiss CSLM file)
CSM = Borland C++ 4.5 precompiled headers
CSM = Kodak DC265 Camera Script
CSM = Mime: chemical/x-csml
CSML = Chemical Style Markup Language
CSML = Mime: chemical/x-csml
CSO = Customer service data and outcome file
CSP = Mime: application/vnd.commonspace
CSP = PC Emcee On-Screen image
CSQ = Foxpro Queries
CSS = Internet HTML Cascading Style Sheet
CSS = Mime: application/x-pointplus
CSS = Mime: text/css
CSS = Statistica data
CSS = Stats+ data
CSS1 = Cascadind Style Sheet see CSS
CSSR = CSD CSSR chemical modeller input file
CSSR = CSD CSSR chemical modeller output file
CST = Macromedia Director CaST (resource) file
CST = Mime: application/vnd.commonspace
CSV = Comma Separated Value Microsoft Excel (among others)
CSV = CompuShow adjusted EGA/VGA palette
CSW = Windows Corel file
CSY = EPOC Polymorphic DLL
CT = graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor
CT = IRIS CT image format
CT = SciTex Continuous Tone bitmap image (32bit CMYK)
CTBL = CTBL and SHAM dynamic colour tables
CTC = PC Installer control file
CTF = HP-95 Comm program character translation
CTF = Lotus Symphony character translation
CTF = TIFF Compressed File
CTL = control information(various)
CTL = dBASE IV/Aldus Setup ConTroL file dBASE
CTL = FAXWorks' send/receiveinformation
CTL = Visual Basic ConTroL file
CTM = CGMetafile
CTR = Corel40 Trace file
CTS = Permanent location ConTentS (ABC programming language)
CTT = Hotmail List of E-mail Contacts
CTX = Compressed Text
CTX = Course TeXt file (Microsoft online guides)
CTX = PGP ciphertext file Pretty Good Privacy
CTX = Visual Basic user control binary file
CTY = SimCity City File
CU1 = Photoline4 Curves Curve file
CU3 = Photoline4 Curves Clut file
CU? = Photoline Clut
CU_ = Winhelp file (compressed)
CUB = Mime: chemical/x-gaussian-cube
CUBE = Bitmap image (Cubicomp/Vertigo image file) (Cubicomp PictureMaker)
CUBI = Bitmap image (Cubicomp/Vertigo image file) (Cubicomp PictureMaker)
CUdt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris User Dictionary
CUE = Description File for a CD-Image
CUE = Microsoft Cue Cards data
CUF = C Utilities Form definition (Turbo C Utilities)
CUL = IconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library
CUP = Game: roland garros tennis terrains file
CUR = Windows 3.x/95/NT Cursor Resource
CURL = Mime: text/vnd.curl
CURL = URL links Curl
CURSOR = Sun Cursor
CUST = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Quark XPress Xtension
CUT = Dr Halo Bitmap Picture
CUT = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Utility File
CV = Corel Versions Archive
CV = Ms CodeView information screen
CV4 = CodeView color file
CV4 = Microsoft CodeView color configuration
CV5 = Ccs-lib.2 Jpeg Stream file
CVB = Charset CVB. Borland Database Engine internationalization
CVD = Calamus Vector Picture : Graphics
CVF = SuperStor compressed volume
CVG = Image format
CVIP = Cviplab file
CVL = Coastal Vector Listing,mapping file for GPS plotting,coastal outline data in vector format(similar to MAPINFO Import Files (.MIF) )
CVP = Portrait image format
CVP = WinFax cover page
CVR = Bitware Fax file
CVS = Canvas bitmap image
CVS = CVS and VMS sound files (continous variable slope)
CVSIGNORE = Snort file
CVT = dBASE IV backup file for ConVerTed database file dBASE
CVW = CodeView color file
CW = Mime: application/prs.cww
CW_ = Corel Graphics10 Workspace Corel Photo-paint10 file
CWA = See also CLC
CWC = Claris Works : Color palette
CWDB = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Database
CWE = Crossword Express
CWEB = C Web
CWG = Palette CWK
CWGR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Drawing
CWIE = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior
CWK = Claris Works data file
CWKS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks
CWL = ClarisWorks library
CWPT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Painting
CWS = ClarisWorks stationery
CWSS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Spreadshee
CWT = ClarisWorks : Texture
CWW = Mime: application/prs.cww
CWWP = (MAC FILE TYPE) Claris Works text v. 1 to 5 (PC ext: CWK)
CWWP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Document
CX = CodeMapper script
CX_ = C Poet compressed Disk1 file
CXE = Common XML Envelope
CXI = cxifile open with: CXIE.EXE /t
CXN = CONEXANT driver file
CXQ = File created by Trojan-worm (check your computer!)
CXT = Macromedia Director protected cast file
CXX = C++ language source code file (Zortech C++, gcc)
CXX = Mime: text/plain
CY = Ccs-lib.2 Jpeg-v4 file
CYA = Cyan color separation. BLA (Black), MAG (Magenta), YEL (Yellow) Adobe Color Separation
CYN = Cynex Root55 Program Extension
CYP = Cypherus Encrypted Archive
CZE = Nhl Ice Hockey 2002 required file
C~G = Win3 System file (compr)

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