Explicarea extensiilor la programe care incep cu litera A

A = ADA language source code

A = Assembly source code (Macintosh)

A = Mime: application/octet-stream

A = UNIX library

A01 = ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 2

A02 = ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 3

A03 = ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 4

A04 = ARJ multiple disk archive, disk 5, etc.

A11 = AIIM image

A2A = "IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels file

A2FC = Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 16, writes 16 colors

A2HR = Image Apple II+, Single Hi-Res, writes 2 colors

A2LC = Image Apple II+, Single Hi-Res 8; writes 8 colors

A2M = Audiotomidi Settings file

A3 = Unrelated Inventions Audiotools file

A31 = Authorware 3.x library

A3K = Yamaha A3000 Sampler File

A3L = Authorware 3.x Library

A3M = Unpackaged file (Authorware for Macintosh)

A3W = Unpackaged file (Authorware for Windows)

A41 = Authorware 4.x library

A4L = Authorware 4.x Library

A4M = Unpackaged file (Authorware for Macintosh)

A4P = Package without runtime (Authorware)

A4W = Unpackaged file (Authorware for Windows)

A51 = Authorware 5.x library

A5L = Authorware 5.x Library

A5W = Unpackaged file (Authorware for Windows)

A60 = Game: roland garros tennis mvts file

A64 = Artist 64

A8 = Cubicomp PictureMaker alpha channel image data (24bit 3D animation)

A80 = A80 Assembler Source

A86 = Assembly language source 8086

A_T = Atrain

AA = AUDIO book file

AAB = Mime: application/x-authorware-bin

AAC = Homeboy reference (music)

AAF = Advanced Authoring Format multimedia

AAM = Authorware Shocked file

AAM = Mime: application/x-authorware-map

AAS = Authorware Shocked packet

AAS = Mime: application/x-authorware-seg

AAS = Movie Clip; Autodesk Animation Setup; used by Compton's Reference Collection

AB = Applix Builder File

AB$ = AutoCAD Spooled Plot File

AB3 = Album Ulead Photo Express

AB6 = ABStat datafile

AB65 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 6.5 (PC ext: P65)

AB65 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 6.5 Document

AB8 = ABStat datafile

ABC = ABC FlowCharter 1.0 document

ABC = ABC programming language general filename extension

ABC = Athena 16 addressbook

ABC = Mime: text/vnd.abc

ABC = Musical notation language file (folk melodies)

ABD = AmBiz Bonus Calculator Data File

ABF = Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format stores Adobe screen fonts as binary

ABG = Fifa World Cup game data beart file

ABI = Aol6 organize file

ABK = Avigo backup

ABK = CorelDraw automatic backup

ABK = HP-95 Appointment book

ABM = AlBuM Image PALS

ABM = Album PhotoPlus

ABM = HitPlayer Audio Album File

ABO = Applix Builder Turbo File

ABR = Adobe Photoshop Brush

ABS = Abscissa data file

ABS = Abstracts (info file)

ABS = MPEG sound

ABS = Optocat picture format

ABS = PC GNU Compiler Output

ABT = BullsEye script

ABW = AbiWord Document File

ABX = Corel WordPerfect address book

AC = Mopac Cartesian chemical modeller output file

AC$ = Spooled plot file (AutoCAD AutoSpool)

AC0 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC1 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC1D = AC1D packer format sound/music (Asle / ReDoX)

AC2 = AC/frequence domain output (Spice)

AC2 = Banana40, accounting / bookkeeping prg by Banana.ch SA - Lugano, Switzerland

AC3 = Dolby 5.1 channel sound format /ac-3 encoder

AC3D = 3d format data (org. AC3d)

AC4 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC5 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC6 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC7 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC8 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC9 = AC/frequency domain output (Spice)

AC_ = Creativ compressed Sb16 sbide file

ACA = MS Agent Character File

ACA = Project Manager Workbench project

aCa2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fontographer


ACAD = AutoCAD database file

ACB = ACMB graphics

ACB = Compressed file archive

ACC = Atari ST program

ACC = Mime: chemical/x-synopsys-accord

ACC = MS Image Composer.acc

ACC = Program (DR-DOS - ViewMax) (GEM / resident)

ACD = Audio (Sonic Foundry ACID bundle file)

ACD = Chromeleon Channel Raw Data

ACD = MS Agent Character Definiton File

ACE = Aces200 image format

ACE = Archive

ACF = Adobe Custom Filter for PhotoShop

ACF = MS Agent Character File

ACG = MS Agent Preview File

ACGI = ACGI Script (WWW)

ACGI = Mime: text/html

ACH = Rockwell Software Logix 5

ACI = ACI Development Appraisal

ACK = Acknowledge

ACL = automatic correction list for MS Office 7.0a or later

ACL = Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator

ACM = Audio Compression Module add-on to MSACM.DRV Windows driver (dynamic link library)

ACM = Graphics file (ACMB format)

ACM = Interplay Compressed Sound File

ACM = Photoshop Command Button

ACM = Windows System File

ACMB = Graphics file (ACMB format)

ACO = Adobe COlor palette

ACORN = Acorn Drawfile Format [Acorn]

ACP = Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture

ACP = Compressed file archive (ACB)

ACP = Ms Office Assistant preview file

ACQ = ACQURL surfing utility VG http://www.acqurl.com/

ACR = Bitmap image (American Collage of Radiology ACR-NEMA medical image file)

ACRS = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AuthorWare File

ACS = MS Agent Character File

ACT = Actor source

ACT = Adobe Photoshop color table

ACT = FoxPro Action Diagram

ACT = MS Office 97 Actor for help system

ACT = Picture; Action

Act! = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Act!

ACTIONS = Photoline4 Defaults file

ACU = ACUCOBOL - G T compiled program

ACU = Mime: application/vnd.acucobol

ACV = Adobe Photoshop colour curves file

ACV = OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data

ACW = microsoft accessibility wizard

ACX = Atari ST program

AD = After Dark screen saver

AD2 = ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice file (ZFAX)

AD3 = ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice file (ZFAX)

AD3D = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Dimension

AD3E = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Dimensions File

AD65 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 6.5

AD65 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 6.5 (PC ext: P65)

ADA = ADA programming language source code

ADB = ADA programming language

ADB = appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer

ADC = Chromeleon Demo Data File

ADC = Lingvo dictionary

ADC = Scanstudio bitmap image

ADC = Sound (TI/MIT ADC format)

ADD = Adobe Pagemaker File

ADD = OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process

ADE = ADC Audio File

ADE = MS Access Project Extension

adev = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleTalk Extension

ADEX = ADEX Corp. bitmap image

ADF = Adapter Description File

ADF = Amiga Disk File

ADF = Configuration; Windows Administration configuration file

ADgm = (MAC FILE_TYPE) After Dark Module

ADI = AutoCAD Device-Independent binary plotter format

ADIF = Amateur Data Interchange Format Specification 1.0

ADL = MicroChannel Adapter Description Library file

ADL = QEMM file

ADM = Addict Compiled Dictionary

ADM = After Dark MultiModule screensaver

ADM = Configuration; MS Windows NT Setup Network Administration

ADM = SCSI driver(tbv)

ADN = Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS Add-in program (between an overlay and a DLL)

ADN = MS Access Blank Project Template

ADO = Adobe PhotoShop Duotone

ADP = AOLserver Dynamic Page File

ADP = Astound Dynamite file

ADP = MS Access Project

ADP = used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interaction

ADPCM = Sound (Intel/DVI Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation format)ADPCM IMA ADPCM sound file

ADR = After Dark Randomizer screensaver

ADR = Opera Browser favorites file

ADR = Smart Address ADdRess book

ADR = XAIRON-Addy address manage data file

ADR3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Address Book

ADrk = (MAC FILE_TYPE) After Dark

adrp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) File Alias

ADS = ADa package Specification

ADT = AdTech fax

ADT = Fax; AdTech

ADT = HP NewWave datafile for cardfile application

ADT = Lingvo dictionary

ADV = GUS device driver (Gf166.com)

ADW = Copyright information

ADX = Document; Archetype Designer

ADX = Dynazip Active Delivery Script

ADX = Lotus Approach dBASE index

ADZ = GZ-Packed Amiga Disk File

AE = SoftQuad Author/Editor File

AEH = iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext

AEP = ArcExplorer Project File

AEP = Mime: application/vnd.audiograph

AEU = MS AutoRoute Express Europe Route

AEX = Alpha linked executable file

AEX = PGP Armored Extracted Public Key

AEXPK = PGP Armored Extracted Public Key

AF2 = Micrografx ABC Flow Chart 2.0

AF3 = ABC FlowCharter 3.0 flowchart

AF? = Misc

AFC = Apple sound

AFF = ispell affixes definition file

AFG = Guitar Musik trainer file

AFI = Bitmap; TrueVision

AFL = Lotus 1-2-3 Always font

AFL = Mime: video/animaflex

AFL = RubberFlex animation (AnimaFlex)

AFM = Adobe Postscript font metrics

AFM = HP NewWave datafile for cardfile application

AFP = ABC FlowCharter shape palette

AFP = Advanced Function Presentation. Dataformat for Printing on Industry Printers Format generated by IBM

AFP = Mime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap

afpp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleShare Prep File

AFS = Adobe Type Manager font set

AFT = Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3.0 Template

AFW = Micrografx ABC FlowCharter 3.0 Workspace

AFX = Auto F/X image format

AG = Applix Graphic

AG = Lotus AGenda File

AG4 = Access G4 File

AGA = Agenda File

AGD1 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Freehand 5

AGD1 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 5 (PC ext: FH5)

AGD2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand 7 File

AGENT = Forte Agent and FreeAgent Data Files

AGF = Atlas Geo File (ESRI GIS & Mapping software)

AGN = Psion Series 3 AGeNda

AGP = Aspen Graphics Pages

AGR = Agreement

AGT = BullsEye Agent

AGW = Aspen Graphics Windows

AGX1 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Freehand Plug-in

AHD = Asus Probe file

AHF = AnetHelpTool file

AHRP = Image Apple II+, Single Hi-Res Packed, writes 2 colors

AHS = Photoshop Halftone Screens

AHTML = Html file

AI = Adobe Illustrator vector image, subset of .EPS (Also Corel-TRACE)

AI = Mime: application/postscript

AI = Mopac Internal chemical modeller output file

AI = Progress Database After Image File

AI65 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Plug-in

AIF = ADW Knowledge Ware setup information

AIF = Audio Interchange File Format from Apple/SGI

AIF = EPOC Application Information File

AIF = Mime: audio/aiff

AIF = Mime: audio/x-aiff


AIFC = Audio Interchange File Format with Compression (AIFF-C) sound from Apple/SGI

AIFC = Mime: audio/aiff

AIFC = Mime: audio/x-aiff


AIFF = Audio Interchange File Format from Apple/SGI

AIFF = Mime: audio/aiff

AIFF = Mime: audio/x-aiff

AIH = ArcView : attribute index file

AIM = AOL Instant Message launch

AIM = Asm Text Mode Image File (The Ultimate Draw)

AIM = Mime: application/x-aim

AIML = Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

AIN = Ain compressed file archive

aini = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Connection Extension

AIO = APL file transfer format file

AIP = Adobe Illustrator Extension, Tool or Filter

AIP = Audiosoft parameter file

AIP = Mime: text/x-audiosoft-intra

AIR = Align It! Resource File

AIR = Automatic Image Registration

AIS = ACDSee Image Sequence

AIS = Array of Intensity Samples (Graphic)

AIS = Velvet Studio Instruments

AIS = Xerox graphics (Array of Intensity Samples)

AIW = Formula 1 car race 2001 Season01 School France file

AIX = HP NewWave datafile for cardfile application

AK = Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed file

AKAI = Disk/file formats (Akai S900, S950, S01, S1000 and S3000 MIDI Digital Samplers)

AKF = Acrobat Key File

AKP = Akai S5000 / S6000 Sampler AKP file specification & misc SCSI problems

AKT = generally actual file

AKW = A-KeyWords (RoboHELP Help project Index Designer)

AL = ALAW format sound

AL$ = Midiprg Steinberg Cubase compressed file

AL_ = Audio Utility Juker compressed file

ALAW = ALAW format sound

ALB = JASC Image Commander graphics ALBum

ALB = Steinberg Cubase or VST Backup Song File

ALB3 = (MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 3 Document

ALB4 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 4 (PC ext: PM4)

ALB4 = (MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 4

ALB5 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 5 (PC ext: PM5)

ALB5 = (MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 5

ALB6 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Pagemaker 6 (PC ext: PM6)

ALB6 = (MAC FILE TYPE) PageMaker 6

ALB6 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 6

ALC = Alchemy chemical modeller input file

ALC = Norton Internet Security Ad Server File

ALC4 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Dictionary

Alco = (MAC FILE_TYPE) URL Manager Pro File

ALD2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker


ALD3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker


ALD4 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 4 (PC ext: PM4)


ALD5 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 5 (PC ext: PM5)


ALD6 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Pagemaker 6 (PC ext: PM6)


ALF6 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Default File

ALG = ARCSOLO Activity LoG

ALH5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Add-in

ALI = SAP Proprietary Format Document File

ALIAS = ALiaS bitmap image (24bit RGB RLE)

ALL = AlligatorSQL Enterprise Edition Projectfile

ALL = Always format file for working pages

ALL = Arts & Letters Library (Symbol and font files)

ALL = FRQView filelist of all files

ALL = Lotus 1-2-3 Always

ALL = Steinberg Cubase or VST Song File

ALL = WordPerfect general printer info

ALM = Aley's Module Format

almb = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Location Manager Module

almn = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Location Manager Module

ALN = Grlib Saoimage file

ALO = Almanac support file

ALPHA = Bitmap image (raw alpha bytes)

ALS = Bitmap image (24bit RLE) (Alias/Vivid RayTracer)

ALSA = recorded sound from /dev/dsp and Sun /dev/audio

ALST = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Anarchie Server List

ALT = WordPerfect menu file

ALT3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 3 Template

ALT4 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 4

ALT5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 5

ALT6 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker 6


ALTH = (MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickHelp Fil

ALTp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickHelp Prefs File

ALTq = (MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickView Settings


ALTV = (MAC FILE_TYPE) QuickView Help File

ALV = Photoshop Levels

ALX = Internet script language defines 2-D layout (ActiveX layout file)

AM = Applix SHELF Macro

AMA = Game: fifa2000 feart file

AMAYA = Amaya file

AMC = Advanced MP3 Catalog file

AMD = Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file

AMF = Amiga Metafile

AMF = Sound; Advanced Module Format (DSMIA/Asylum Module Music )

AMFF = 2d Graphic

AMG = Actor system image file

AMG = AMGC compressed file archive

AMI = Amica Paint image format

AMIGA = Amiga file

AMIPRO = Ami/AMIPRO Table Structure through version 3.1

AMM = Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file

AMP = Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings

AMS = Adobe Monitor Setup calibration file for PhotoShop

AMS = Velvert Studio music module (MOD) file

AMT = Abbyy Finereader 5.0 Pro file

AMZ = Savegame extension for 'The Game of the Amazons'

AN = Groundworks Text File

ANC = Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors

ANC = List of pattern colors (Canon Computer Pattern Maker)

AND = AniData : Animation

AnHa = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Analog Helper Analysis

ANI = Animation (Presidio - many)

ANI = Atari image format

ANI = Mime: application/x-navi-animation

ANI = Windows 95/NT animated cursor

ANI = Windows Animated Cursor image format

ANIM = Animation

ANL = Project Analyzer Saved Analysis

ANM = ANiMation from DeluxePaint, often used on Amiga

ANN = Windows 3.x help ANNotations

ANNOT = Amaya annotation file

ANO = Mime: application/x-annotator

ANS = Text With Layout (ANSI) (NOTEPAD)

ANSI = Gen. Ansi file

ANT = SimAnt saved game data

ANV = Image AirNav

AOF = Acorn Object Format (used for data storage)

AOL = America On-Line related file

AOqc = (MAC FILE_TYPE) America Online

AOS = Installable program (Nokia Communicator add-on software)

AOS = Mime: application/x-nokia-9000-communicator-add-on-software

AOT = ZenWorks Application Binary Object Template

AP = Applix Presents File

AP = Archive; Amiga, created by WHAP

AP = Datalex EntryPoint 90 datafile

AP0 = Win Apw_data file

AP_ = C Poet compressed Disk1 file

APA = AlfaPad Organizer File

APB = Apollo OLE Section file

APC = Centura Team Developer Compiled Application

APC = Lotus Printer Driver Characters

APD = Aldus PageMaker Printer description

APD = Centura Team Developer Dynamic Application

APD = Lotus printer driver

APE = Winamp Plugins avs file

APF = Acrobat Profile File

APF = Homesite Project File

APF = Lotus printer driver fonts

APG = APOGEE picture file

API = 1st Reader passed parameter file

API = Adobe Printer Ink file for PhotoShop

API = Dynamic Link Library; Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Plug-in

API = Lotus printer driver

APK = GameSpy Arcade Service

APL = APL programming language

APL = Centura Team Developer Application Library

APL = Manugraphics APL products work space

APLC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Anarchie Placeholder


aplt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScript Applet

APM = Mime: application/studiom

APM = Windows Metafile image format

APM3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Authorware

app = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Application Package

APP = Application object file by dBASE Application Generator

APP = Centura Team Developer Normal Mode Application

APP = Executable Application file (DR-DOS/NeXTstep/Atari/EPOC)

APP = FoxPro generated Application

APP = Lotus Symphony add-in application

APPC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Control Panel Application

APPD = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory

appe = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Application Extension

APPL = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Self-extracting archive created by Compact Pro

APPL = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Self-extracting archive created by Stuffit

APPL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Application

APPL= = Director 5 Application Typ "APPL" Creator "MD95" (MAC)

APPLOCALIZE = AppLocalize.Document open with: APPLOCalize.EXE

APR = ArcView Project File

APR = Document; Employee Appraiser performance employee review

APR = Lotus Approach 97 file

APR = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-approach

APS = Advanced Patching Systems with Error Checking

APS = Binary version of Resource for MS Visual C++

APS = Mime: application/mime

APT = Centura Team Developer Text Mode Application

APT = Lotus Approach Database; compressed, for Internet distribution

apu_ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Printer Utility

apup = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Apple Printer Prep Fi

APX = Borland C++ APpeXpert database

APX = Lotus Approach-specific Paradox information

APX = Photopaint Image image format

AQ = Applix Data

AQL = America On-line for Windows DLL

AR = Javasoft Jre 1.3 lib file

ARC = LH ARC (old version) compressed archive

ARC = Mime: application/octet-stream

ARC = Ms Schedule+ 1.0 file

Arch = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Anarchie

ARCH = Illum src dotfiles file

ARF = ARF image format

ARF = Automatic response file

ARFF = comma separated relation/attribute/data file

ARG = Hdf Fort_ps file

ARH = Archivers definitions file (DN)

ARI = Aristotle audio

ARI = compressed file archive

ARJ = Mime: application/arj

ARJ = Mime: application/octet-stream

ARJ = Robert Jung's ARJ compressed file archive

ARK = ARC archive (CP/M port of ARC file archiver)

ARK = Archive; CP/M

ARK = Managing your Money achive

ARK = QUARK compressed file archive ARL

ARL = AOL Organizer File

ARLOLD = Aol6 organize file

ARM = Armadillo Software Protection System

ARN = Astronomical Research Network image format

ARPI = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Plug-in

ARPX8 = Techno Toys Sample Files file

ARR = Amber ARR bitmap image

ARR = Atari Cubase ARRangement

ARS = WordPerfect audio file

ART = America Online image

ART = Another Ray Tracer image

ART = Art Director image

ART = Artisan image format

ART = Canon Crayola art file

ART = Clipart; Central Point Scrapbook

ART = Mime: image/x-jg

ART = MS Internet Explorer picture format in internet-cache

ART = PFS: First Publisher image

ART = Vort image

ART = Xara Studio image

ART3 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Illustrator 3 (PC ext: AI)

ART3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Illustrator

ART5 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Illustrator 5 and later

ART5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Illustrator

ARTF = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand Xtra

ARTY = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Illustrator 1

ARTZ = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Illustrator 88

ARTZ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Illustrator 88

ARV = Arsiv File

ARX = Compressed archive

AS = Applix Anywhere Office

AS_ = Winhelp file (compressed)

ASA = Active Server Document

ASA = Microsoft Visual InterDev file

ASB = 2d Graphic

ASC = ASCent. Ascent is an australian CASE design tool

ASC = ASCii-text (ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

ASC = Autodesk 3D Studio 3D object, saved as ASCII

ASC = Mime: text/plain

ASC = PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) transport armored file

ASCII = ASCII text characters file (sometimes Text graphics)

ASD = Advanced Streaming format (ASF) Description file

ASD = Astound presentation

ASD = Lotus screen driver

ASD = Microsoft Word for Windows Auto-save temporary document

ASD = Mime: application/astound

ASDG = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ElasticReality

ASE = active sound environment

ASE = ascii scene export (3dsmax et al)

ASE = Velvet Studio sample

ASEP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Separator

ASF = Active Advanced Streaming Format, Internet Document

ASF = APL*Plus/PC APL Shared File

ASF = Electronic Arts Music File

ASF = Lotus Screen Font

ASF = Mime: application/vnd.ms-asf

ASF = Mime: video/x-ms-asf


ASH = Assembly language include; TASM header

ASI = Include; Assembly language header; Borland

ASIC = ASIC language source code file

ASK = askSam Database

ASL = Asmodo 9s file

ASM = Assembler language source file

ASM = Mime: text/x-asm

ASMX = ASP.NET Webservices Source File

ASN = Asn file

ASN = Mime: application/astound

ASN1 = Asn specs file

ASO = Assembly source; Borland object

ASO = Astound Dynamite Objects

ASO = Mime: application/vnd.accpac.simply.aso

ASP = Active Server Page; Internet script

ASP = ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) text

ASP = Astound Presentation File

ASP = Mime: application/x-asap

ASP = Mime: text/asp

ASP = Photoshop Photo File Index

ASP = Procomm Plus ASPect language script file

ASP = Software Publishing Corp. ASAP WordPower WebShow presentation

ASP = Terminal Program

ASPF = (MAC FILE TYPE) Adobe's Type 1 Font

ASPHTML = Microsoft .asp html file

ASPI = Audio Catalyst

ASPX = ASP.NET Source File

ASR = Ms Automap Route

ASR = Photoshop Scratch Area

ASRP = Arc Standard Raster Product

ASS = Assistance for the blind(tbv)

ASSP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Office HTML

ASST = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Assistant

AST = Adobe color Separtion Table for PhotoShop

AST = Astound multimedia file

AST = Claris Works assistant file

ASV = DataCAD AutoSaVe

ASV = Photoshop Selective Color

ASX = Active Streaming Format, Internet Document

ASX = Cheyenne Backup script

ASX = Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file

ASX = Mime: application/x-mplayer2

ASX = Mime: video/x-ms-asf

ASX = Mime: video/x-ms-asf-plugin

ASX = Video File

ASX = Windows Media Audio / Video shortcut

AT = Rescue Disk file

AT2 = Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template

AT65 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Template

AT_ = Audio Utility Winatb compressed file

ATARI = ST Graphics Formats: NEO, ANI, PI?, PC?, TN?, SPU, SPC, ART, MUR, DOO, FLM, IMG, PAC, IC?, IFF, MAC

ATB = AnetHelpTool file

ATC = ACUCOBOL - GT Thin Client command file

ATD = MS Systems Management Server SMSADDIN.EXE tool registration

ATF = Photoshop Transfer Function

ATK = Bitmap image (Andrew Toolkit Raster Object file)

ATM = Adobe Type Manager

ATM = TerraGen ATMosphere (landscape renderer)

ATMC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Type Man

ATMSPHR = TerraGen ATMoSPHeRe (landscape renderer)

ATR = Lightscape Material Library

ATS = Unrelated Inventions Audiotools file

ATT = AT&T Group 4 bitmap graphics

ATW = Personal data (AnyTime Deluxe for Windows screensaver)

ATX = Alphasoft Trueterm 2001 Dictionaries file


AU = Mime: audio/basic

AU = Mime: audio/x-au

AU = Sound Sun/NeXT/DEC

aucd = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleCD Audio Player

AUD = Audio File used by Westwood Studios for various games

AUDIOCD = AudioCD file

aupf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Audio CD Player Prefs

AUR = Sheffield Thesaurus file

AURL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Web Site Address

aust = (MAC FILE TYPE) Self-extracting archive created by Stuffit

AUT = IPIX automation

AUTOCONF = Unix autoconfiguration file for make

AUX = ChiWriter AUXiliary dictionary

AUX = TeX/LaTeX AUXiliary references

AV = Final Draft AV Document File

AVA = Avagio Publication

AVATAR = Avatar

AVB = AntiViral Toolkit Pro Bases

AVB = Microsoft Internet Chat

AVB = Mime: application/octet-stream

AVC = AVP (virus scanner) antiviral database

AVD = Dos7 file

AVE = ArcView : Avenue script

AVG = Grlib Urt Get Getami file

AVI = Mime: application/x-troff-msvideo

AVI = Mime: video/avi

AVI = Mime: video/msvideo

AVI = Mime: video/quicktime

AVI = Mime: video/x-msvideo

AVI = Video for Windows Audio Video Interleave movie


AVL = Video fun file

AVP = ArcView : palette file (ODB format)

AVR = Audio Visual Research sound

AVS = Application Visualization System animation

AVS = Mime: video/avs-video

AVS = Stardent AVS X bitmap image

AVS = Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio File

AVT = Avatar-coding files (A3E)

AVX = ArcView File

AVX = Mime: video/x-rad-screenplay

AW = Applix Word File

AW = Help Wizard; Answer Wizard for MS Help files

AW = HP AdvanceWrite document

AW_ = Midiprg Quartz Sets compressed file

AWA = Animation Works Accelerated movie

AWB = Lavasoft Ad-aware Backup File

AWD = AWarD bios file

AWD = AWK language source code file

AWD = MS Fax Viewer Document (org from "At Work Fax")

AWDB = (MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Works database

AWDB = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Works Databas

AWE = Adobe Web file

AWF = Game: wer mit millionär 2 data sfx file

AWK = AWK programming language

AWM = Video; Animation Works Movie

AWND = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Anarchie Wand

AWP = MS Fax key viewer

AWR = Telsis digitally stored audio

AWS = MS Fax Document; Fax signature


AWSS = (MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Works spreadsheet

AWWP = (MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Works word processor file


AWX = Custom application wizard

AWX = Fax(tbv)

AX = Modula-3 linker information for libraries

AXA = Album Axialis

AXD = Avery Label Pro Re-Index File

AXE = Midiprg Pchord Powpro compressed file

AXE = MS Autoroute MAP

AXG = AXUM GraphSheet file

AXI = Clipart; Axiom Composite File Management System (MetaToolsFile Kai's Power Goo Picture Library)

AXL = ArcIMS XML Project File

AXP = Anvil 5000 : Preview

AXQ = Ada Ada Editor file

AXR = Telsis Digital Audio File

AXS = HTML; ActiveX Script

AXT = ASCII Application Object Template

AXT = Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range

AXX = ARJ compressed file multi-volume archive (xx = number from 01 to 99)

AYS = AY Paste 'Paste' file

AYU = AY-Paste Uninstall information

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