Explicarea extensiilor la programe care incep cu litera B

B = Basic language source code file

B = Lotus APPLAUSE Batch list

B = Modula-3 base program

B!K = Game: Ms flight Scenery file

B&W = 1st Reader bitmap image (mono binary screen image)

B&W = Black & White bitmap image (atari - mac)

B&W = ImageLab image format

B&W = 1st Reader : Bitmap graphics (Mono binary screen image)

B00 = Graphics

B16 = PCO image format

B1J = BookJones

B1N = 1st Reader binary bitmap screen image mono and color

B1S = BookSmith

B30 = Ventura Publisher Printer font (JLaser - Cordata)

B32 = Msdos Bcc file

B3D = 3D Builder File

B3D = B3D image format

B4 = Helix Nuts and Bolts file

B44 = Misc

B64 = StuffItEncoded encoded file archive (ascii base64 MIME)

B8 = Cubicomp PictureMaker red channel image data (24bit 3D animation)

B8 = PicLab bitmap image (one byte per pixel) plane two

B_T = Eru/erd file

B_W = Black & White bitmap image (atari - mac)

B_W = ImageLab image format

BA$ = MS compressed BAS; decompress with UNPACK.EXE

BAAN = baan database p-code object format

BABL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DeBabelizer

BAC = Backup

BAD = BAD file

BAD = Oracle BAD File

BAD = Rime Mailer Address File

BAG = AAICWpro autoresponder file

BAG = Aol6 organize file

BAK = backup file

BAL = BAL Borland Programming Language Source

BAL = Ballade music score sound file

BAN = Interdiction

BAR = dBASE Application Generator horizontal bar menu object file

BAR = Unix BAR compressed file archive

BART = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Border Art File

BAS = Basic source code

BASE64 = BASE64 MIME encoding/RFC2045

BAT = MS-DOS batch file (Executable)

BB = Papyrus database backup

BBK = bak file

bbkr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Installer Script

BBL = TeX/BibTeX BiBLiographic reference

BBM = Deluxe Paint bitmap image, used for animations

BBNBG = BBN BitGraph terminal Display Pixel Data (DPD) sequence

BBNNG = Bitmap image (BBN BitGraph terminal Display Pixel Data (DPD) sequence)

bbox = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Classic Support File

BBP = Bezier surface file

BBS = Bulletin Board System Text

BBS = Hudson-style messagebase (FTN software)

BBTL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) BBEdit Tool Palette

BBXT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) BBEdit Extension

BC = Mikmak 203 file

BC3 = (make-)file for Bcc 3

BCB3 = (make-)files for Bc3

BCC = Borland c++ file/makefile

BCD = Turbo Pascal Dos file

BCF = ConfigSafe Snapshot Index

BCH = Datalex EntryPoint 90 datafile (Phoenix Soft)

BCH = dBASE BatCH process object file


BClf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Color Table

BCM = Ms Works Communications script backup

BCO = Bitstream outline font description

BCP = Borland C++ makefile

BCPIO = Mime: application/x-bcpio

BCS = Windows95 browse information

BCT = Clarion backup dictionary

BCW = Borland C++ 4.5 workspace (Environment settings)

BDB = Ms Works database backup

BDC = Lingvo dictionary

BDCFF = C64 BoulderDash Construction Kit File Format

Bdct = (MAC FILE_TYPE) BBEdit Dictionary

BDD = BRender device driver

BDF = Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format stores Adobe screen fonts as ASCII

BDF = Bupdate binary update file

BDF = Data Egret

BDF = NuGraf Scene file

BDF = West Point Bridge Designer

BDR = MS Publisher Document Border

BDT = Lingvo dictionary

BEE = Beeline-AIR System file

BEN = Syssoft Sandra file

BER = German Bericht = report file

BES = Beschreibung : German description

BEX = PGP Binary EXtracted public key

BEXPK = PGP Binary EXtracted Public Key

BEZ = Bezier surface file

BEZ = Bitstream outline font description

BF2 = Bradford 2 font

BFA = Blowfish-encrypted File

BFB = Ralcgm file

BFC = Windows 95 Briefcase document

BFF = AIX Backup Format

BFF = WorldToolKit Neutral File Format (binary virtual reality file)

BFL = BFLI image format

BFL = Game: colin Mc Rae car race Game Bigfiles file

BFLI = BFLI image format

BFM = Unix font metrics (Frame)

BFX = BitFax picture

BG = Backgammon for Windows game

BG = Lotus Agenda File

BGA = OS/2 graphic array (another bmp: Ms Paint .BMP )

BGB = MS Chat Background Graphic

BGF = MSI BGF chemical modeller input file

BGI = Borland DOS 16-bit graphics video device driver

BGL = Flight Simulator Scenery data file

BGT = Quicken 2002 inet common file

BGX = Bc45 Bgi file

BH2 = OASYS Presentation : Presentation

BH2 = Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasysprs

BHF = pcAnywhere Host

BHI = Partminer Lib file

BHL = Partminer Lib file

BHX = BinHex compressed file ascii archive

BI = binary file

BI = Progress Database Before Image File

BI = Visual Basic for DOS Include file

BI$ = MS compressed BI; decompress with UNPACK.EXE

BI7 = Rukus 110 file

BIB = BIBliography (ASCII)

BIB = Papyrus database - not compatible with TeX format

BIB = TeX/BibTeX literature database

BIE = Image JBIG

BIF = Binary Information File (ASCII file describing image)

BIF = byLight image format

BIF = GroupWise initialization file

BIF = Image Capture board bitmap image (b&w Binary Image Format)

BIFF = XITE - X-based 2d/3d format image format

BIFF = XLITE 3D file

BIG = Chinese text (old version)

BIG = Michelin (autoroute maps) image format

BIG5 = Chinese text (old version)

BIK = BioCharter Profile Backup

BIL = Satellite image (8bit GIS tape format) (SPOT image)

BIN = Audio format(short ints,no header)

BIN = Binary file

BIN = MacBinary archive format often used on Macintosh

BIN = machine language

BIN = Micrografx Designer 7 Project Image

BIN = Mime: application/mac-binary

BIN = Mime: application/macbinary

BIN = Mime: application/octet-stream

BIN = Mime: application/x-binary

BIN = Mime: application/x-macbinary

BIN = SGI Powerflip

BIN64 = Binary encoding method (used by mime complient mail readers)

BINA = (MAC FILE TYPE) Text file saved as Word DOS or Word Windows file by Word Mac 5


BiNA = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Mail File

BIO = BioCharter Profile


BIORAD = Biorad confocal file : Graphics

BIP = ArcView : image file (band interleaved by pixel)

BIRD = algs7 file

BIT = X11 bitmap image

BIX = BIX compressed file archive

BIZ = BizTalk compatible schema

BJK = Scanner Recognita file

BK = FrameMaker BookFile Document

BK = JetFax faxbook

BK = LinguAssist data

BK = sometimes used for backup versions

BK! = WordPerfect for Win document backup

BK$ = sometimes used for backup versions

BK1 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK2 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK3 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK4 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK5 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK6 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK7 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK8 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BK9 = WordPerfect for Win backup

BKF = msbackupfile open with: ntbackup.exe

BKI = IBM BookManager Backup Index

BKMK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Bookmark File

BKP = Write/TurboVidion DialogDesigner BackuP file

BKR = Boardmaker : Document

BKS = IBM BookManager Read bookshelf backup

BKS = Ms Works spreadsheet backup

BKT = Zortech 3 tools Samples file

BKW = FontEdit mirror image of font set

BLA = Adobe Black Color Separation. CYA (Cyan), MAG (Magenta), YEL (Yellow)

BLB = DreamWorks Resource Archive

BLD = Basic Bloadable image

BLD = MegaPaint image format

BLD = Mime: application/bld

BLD = old Microsoft Developer Studio MAK

BLD2 = Mime: application/bld2

BLE = Photoline4 Blends file

BLG = ARCSOLO Backup Log

BLG = BibTex log

BLK = Alias Wavefront Image file

BLK = Amiga IFF ILBM image

BLK = Lightscape Block Library file

BLK = WordPerfect temporary file

BLL = Borland Delphi localization Information

BLL = Virus European A-Worm!!! (run virus checker!)

BLORB = Blorb: A Z-Machine Resource Collection Format Standard

blrb = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Info

BLT = Wordperfect for DOS

BLW = ArcView : world file for bil image

BlWd = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris HomePage

BLY = Fifa World Cup game data fe art Loadgame file

BM = Mime: image/bmp

BM = X Windows system Bitmap image

BM$ = Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file

BM1 = Apogee BioMenace game data file

BM_ = Mumath 30 file

BM_ = Webcd fread file

BMC = "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file

bMDT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Spr Boomerang Prefs File

BMF = Corel Flow image format

BMF = Corel Gallery file

BMF = Corel graphics (Binary Material Format)

BMF = View3ds scene description

BMI = Buzz Instrument

BMI = Mime: application/vnd.bmi

BMIN = Batchmin Command chemical modeller output file

BMK = Bookmark file from Windows help

BML = Bookmark library (SyncURL)

BML = binary markup language, sim. to XML but binary, used in 3d

BMM = Tacmi Pixia palette file

BMP = Alpha Microsystem BMP image format

BMP = Mime: image/bitmap

BMP = Mime: image/bmp

BMP = Mime: image/x-bmp

BMP = Mime: image/x-windows-bmp

BMP = standard Windows Bitmap image (also OS/2 )

BMP24 = 24 color Bmp file

BMP_ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows BitMap

BMPf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows Bitm

BMPp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Windows BitM

BMR = Bitmap Reference Code file

BMS = Backup Magic Backup Set

BMT = Ami Pro button image

BMW = BuzzPlay music with waves

BMX = Buzz music file

BMZ = Compressed Bmp file

BN = AdLib Instrument Bank file

BN_ = Ntgraph Ze32v215 file

BND = Game: Ms flight Panels file

BNF = "IBM Voice Type" languages map file


BNK = Adlib instrument Bank

BNK = Simcity game data

BNR = Banner - Poster graphics BaNneR

BOB = BOB bitmap image

BOBO = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Claris Works (word processor) (PC ext: CWK)

BOBO = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Claris Works text v. 1 to 5 (PC ext: CWK)


BOBO = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks

BOD = Game: roland garros tennis terrains file

BOF = "IBM Voice Type" languages tasks enroll file

BOL = MS Booasm Compressed Archive Library

BOM = Orcad Schematic Capture Bill of Materials File

BOO = Bootstrap (Kermit protocol binary file)

BOO = Encoded file archive (ASCII) (Boo)

BOO = IBM BookManager Book

BOO = Image file

BOO = Mime: application/book

BOOG = Boogie chemical modeller input file

BOOK = Adobe FrameMaker book

BOOK = Mime: application/book

BORLAND = (make-)file for Borland C

BOT = Buckett o' Tablature file (guitar partition)

BOX = Lotus Notes MailBOX

BOX = Mime: application/vnd.previewsystems.box

BOZ = Compressed file archive (bzip over zip)

BOZ = Mime: application/x-bzip2

BPC = Business Plan Toolkit chart

BPD = Data Designer Ddbac file

BPI = "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file

BPK = Mime: application/octet-stream

BPL = Borland Delphi 4 packed library

BPM = B's Pro Tracker v0.05 music/sound

BPP = Clarion Backup aPPlication

BPR = Borland project file

BPR = Reference count 01 file

BPS = Business Plan Toolkit

BPS = Ms Works document backup

BPT = Bitmap Master File

BPT = Corel Draw bitmap

BPW = ArcView : world file for bip or bmp images

BPX = Truevision Targa bitmap image

BQW = ArcView : world file for bsq image

BQY = BrioQuery file

BR = Bridge script

BR = Omnis7 data

BR1 = Wincmd file

BR3 = Bryce 3D Scene File

BRAIN = Msdev Common Addins file

BRC = Bryce 2 Scene File

BRD = Eagle layout file

BRF = BRieF (german/dutch for letter)

BRI = Basic Rate Interface

BRK = Brooktrout Fax-Mail

BRK = Mailer REXX script (The Brake!)

BRL = Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD

BRL-CAD = Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD

BRLCAD = Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD

BRO = Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator

BRP = Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image

BRT = Brooktrout 301 image format

BRT = Micrografx System4 Browser file

BRU = Photoline4 Brushes file

BRUSH = Bitmap image (Xerox Doodle Brush file)

BRW = financial institutions loan application file

BRX = file for browsing an index of multimedia options

Bry2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Bryce 2

BRZ = Dbbrz (Backup or Restore file)

BS = Ball and Stick chemical modeller input file

BS = Ball and Stick chemical modeller output file

BS = Printfox/Pagefox image format

BS1 = Apogee Blake Stone game data

BS2 = BS2 archive

BS2 = BS2 editor file

BS_ = MS Bookshelf find menu shell extension file

BSA = BSArc compressed file archive

BSAVE = Quickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE format

BSB = 2d Graphic

BSC = BINSCII Apple II file archive

BSC = Fortran Pwbrmake

BSC = Ms Developer Studio browser information file C++,Fortran

BSC = Object Boyan Script

BSD = bsd system file

BSD = Licency according to BSD-licency(licency.bsd)

BSDL = Boundary Scan Description Language

BSH = Mime: application/x-bsh

BSK = Bryce 4 File

BSN = Midi file

BSP = Half-life/TFC/CS Map

BSP = Quake map

BSQ = ArcView : image file (band sequential)

BST = BiblioTex file (BiblioTex = bibliography file for TeX)

BSV = BASIC Bsave Graphics

BSY = FTN soft BuSY flag

BT = virual terrain software

BTF = Bank check image and text data (Nations Bank)

BTF = Mime: image/prs.btif


BTIF = Bank check image and text data (Nations Bank)

BTIF = Mime: image/prs.btif

BTL = Inmos BooTabLe file

BTM = 4DOS/NDOS batch file (Batch To Memory)

BTM = batch file used by Norton Utilities

BTN = JustButtons animated bitmap image format

BTN = Makeover Button, Buttonware

BTR = Btrieve Database File

BTR = MS Frontpage-related File

BTSK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) HyperCard Button Tasks

BTST = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton System Info Fil

BTW = Steuer2001 file

BUB = Ipix Spherical panorama

BUD = Quicken BackUp Disk

BUFR = Binary Universal Form for the Representation

BUFR = Meteorological data

BUG = Bugs and Problems file

BUGS = Generally bugs file

BUM = Poser Bump files image format

BUN = Audio (CakeWalk Audio Bundle file)

BUN = CakeWalk Audio Bundle file

BUP = Backup file

BUT = Button definitions (Buttons!)

BUY = Movie Data File

BV1 = WordPerfect for Win

BV2 = WordPerfect for Win

BV3 = WordPerfect for Win

BV4 = WordPerfect for Win

BV5 = WordPerfect for Win

BV6 = WordPerfect for Win

BV7 = WordPerfect for Win

BV8 = WordPerfect for Win

BV9 = WordPerfect for Win

BVA = Biovision motion file format

BVC = "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file

BVD = "ViGuard+net" anti Virus Prog

BVH = Misc

BVI = "Ibm Voice Type" languages Newuser file

BVL = Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 textures file

BVS = BVS Solitaire Collection file

BW = Silicon Graphics image

BWB = Visual Baler spreadsheet application file

BWF = Broadcast wave file format

BWI = Blindwrite cd copier file

BWR = Kermit Beware buglist

BWS = Blindread/Blindwrite

BWT = Blindwrite cd copier file

BWU = Blindwrite cd copier file

BWV = Business Wave file

BY = Spice Pspice file

BYU = BYU Movie

BZ = BZIP archiv

BZ = bzip compressed file archive

BZ = Mime: application/x-bzip

BZ2 = BZIP2 archiv

BZ2 = bzip2 compressed file archive

BZ2 = Mime: application/x-bzip2

BZP = BZIP archiv

BZP2 = BZIP2 archiv

B~K = Backup file

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