Explicarea extensiilor la programe care incep cu litera D

D = ChemDraw Conn. Table chemical modeller output file
D00 = Adlib player sound
D00 = Blaster Master Pro file
D00 = Edlib Tracker mod compressed
D01 = Tonline Db file
D02 = Tonline Db file
D03 = Tonline Db file
D15 = Beat Master 62 file
D2CT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Disinfectant
D2D = 3-D Fassade Plus : 2D/3D object file
D30 = driver
D32 = Lotus visualisation file
D3D = CorelDream 3D File
D64 = Commodore emulator file of a VC-1541/CBM-2031/3040/4040 diskette
D67 = Commodore emulator file of a CBM-2040 diskette
D71 = Commodore emulator file of a VC-1571 diskette
D80 = Commodore emulator file of a CBM-8050 diskette
D81 = Commodroe emulator file of a VC-1581 diskette
D82 = Commodore emulator file of a CBM-8250 diskette
D8A = AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
D_ = Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed file
D_T = Eru/erd file
DA! = Dinfo Data file
DA$ = MS compressed DAT use UNPACK.EXE
DA0 = Windows registry backup
DA1 = registry backup
DA5 = Green line file
DA_ = GKSetup support file
DAC = byte reversed ADC file : Sound (TI/MIT DAC format)
DAC = PCIhandler file (image)
DAC = Sound (TI/MIT DAC format) (byte reversed ADC file)
DAD = Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
DAF = Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.DAF
DAF = Mobius : Document archive
DAK = data bakup file
DAN = Winphone address book
DAO = IsoBuster File
DAP = MS Access Data Access Page
DAP = Omnis5 Application File
DAS = PackRat Index
DAT = Antivirus data
DAT = Btrieve Database
DAT = Digital Audio Tape
DAT = Extension used for some MPEG files
DAT = gen. DATafile can be text as well as binary data
DAT = Internet Explorer Cache
DAT = MapInfo native data format
DAT = May be a propriatary format
DAT = Microsoft Exchange Server : Error message in inbound internet email message
DAT = Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
DAT = MS Word for DOS file
DAT = Novell Message File
DAT = Programming
DAT = SPOT image format
DAT = Terrasoft dataset definition file
DAT = Video CD MPEG movie MPEG1
DAT = VMS Data file
DAT = Word for DOS
DAT = WordPerfect : Merge data
DAT = WordPerfect Merge Data
DAT = Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format
DATA = Font2d resources file
DAY = journal
DB = ANSYS Database
DB = ArcView : Object Database File (also ODB)
DB = Borderland's Paradox 7 table database
DB = Configuration (dBASE IV - dBFast)
DB = data by dbVista
DB = data by Paradox
DB = data by Smartware
DB = data by Synopsys Design Compiler,
DB = data by XTreeGold
DB = MSWorks
DB = MultiEdit : Configuration
DB = Netscape Cache FAT.DB
DB = Progress Database
DB = Solid Database
DB = WindowsXP Thumbnail Database
DB$ = dBASE : Temporary file
DB$ = Temporary debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
DB0 = dBASE init file
DB1 = Adressmn file
DB2 = dBASE II : Database
DB2 = dBfast File
DB3 = dBASE III : Database
DB3 = Dr Brain 3
DB4 = Dbase 4 data
DB_ = Cad file
DBA = PalmTM Desktop 3.0 organisator for Windows
DBA = Turbo Prolog - DataEase : Database
DBAT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Quicken Document
DBB = ANSYS Database Backup
DBB = DeBabelizer : BatchList
DBC = MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
DBC = OrCAD Capture CIS Database Conf.
DBD = Business Insight business data
DBD = Clarion Modula-2 debug information
DBD = DemoShield Player
DBD = Psion file
DBE = Database Engine file
DBF = ArcView : Shapefile attribute table file
DBF = CLIPPER database
DBF = data base file for Arago
DBF = data base file for Clipper
DBF = data base file for DataBoss
DBF = data base file for dBFast
DBF = data base file for FoxPro
DBF = data base file for Wordtech
DBF = data base file for xBase
DBF = Database (many programs, orig. only dBASE)
DBF = dBASE Act!
DBF = Enable database : can be opened with Excel 97
DBF = MS Query database file
DBF = Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
DBG = Debugger script Watcom debugger
DBG = DOS debug - Watcom debuger : Debugger script
DBG = MS Visual C++ CodeView COFF-format Debugger information
DBG = Paradox file
DBG = PFE file
dbgr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Debugger
DBI = Fifa World Cup game data comin fe file
DBK = dBase Database Backup
DBK = Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File
DBL = LineWriter file
DBL = WindowsXP Product Activation File (if on WPA.DBL in the System32 folder)
DBM = Cold Fusion Template
DBM = DataBoss Menu template
DBM = DataEase datafile
DBMC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Cache Log
DBMG = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape History
DBNW = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape News File
DBNX = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Netscape Hosts Fil
DBO = dBase IV Compiled Program File
DBP = Msdev Common Ide Templates Database Projects file
DBQ = Paradox memo
DBQ = QuickLink database
DBR = Golf Courses file
DBS = Database; Structured Query Language (SQL)
DBS = Datafile (PRODAS)
DBS = DeBabelizer : Script
DBS = Managing Your Money database
DBS = Microsoft Word - Works : Printer description file
DBS = ProDas - SQL Windows : Datafile
DBS = Script (DeBabelizer)
DBSE = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio (PC ext: FDB)
DBSE = (MAC FILE TYPE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio
DBT = Clipper database text
DBT = Database Text File (org. dBASE)
DBT = dBFast memo text for database
DBT = FoxPro : Foxbase+ style memo
DBV = Flexfile 2 : Memo field file
DBW = Microsoft Windows 9.x Database file (DataBoss)
DBX = DATABEAM bitmap image
DBX = Formula Graphics project
DBX = ICE Cache Explorer Data files
DBX = MS Visual Foxpro Table
DBX = Outlook Express 5 file
DC = DesignCAD CAD File
DC = Spice : DC outout
DC$ = Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DC2 = DesignCAD CAD File
DC2 = Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File
DC5 = DataCAD Drawing File
DCA = IBM DisplayWrite : Document Content Architecture text file
DCA = MS Active Designer cache
DCA = Visual Basic : Active Designer Cache
DCB = Concordance Database Control Block
DCC = WordExpress2.0 dictionary file
DCD = Document Content Description (XML)
DCD = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Object Code
DCDC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Astound Presentation
DCE = drivecam file extension. www.drivecam.com for any info pertaining to it
DCF = "Device Configuration File" for CANopen
DCF = Data file : Dyadic
DCF = Design Rule for Camera File Systems File
DCF = Disk Image file
DCF = DynSite Configuration File
DCF = HP-95 Comm program settings
DCF = WordExpress2.0 dictionary
DCG = Digocat Data File read by Digocat.exe (Digital Offline Catalog, Reader)
DCI = HTML (AOLmail)
DCIM = image and data : Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DCK = ZX SPECTRUM emulation file
DCL = Borland Delphi : Delphi Component Library
DCL = DumpSec
DCM = DICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image file format : Bitmap graphics
DCM = Mime: x-lml/x-evm
DCM = Sound
dCol = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Claris Color File
DCP = ArcView : default codepage file
DCP = Delphi Compiled Packages
DCP = OS/2 Data CodePage
DCP = Terminal Program; DynaComm Script
dCpy = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Disk Copy
DCR = Delphi Component Resource (binary resource)
DCR = Mime: application/x-director
DCR = RIF Picture
DCR = Shockwave - Macromedia Director : Data
DCS = 2d Graphic
DCS = ACT! Activity Data File
DCS = Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) (QuarkXPress)
DCS = Color separated EPS format
DCS = Desktop Color Separation file
DCS = Kodak Professional Digital Camera
DCS = Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification 2.0 (image EPS) (QuarkXPress)+B798
DCT = ArcView : geocoding dictionary file
DCT = Clarion - Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony : Spell checking dictionary
DCT = GIS and many others dictionary
DCT = Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container Memo File
DCT = MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
DCT5 = (MAC FILE TYPE) MS-Word dictionnary
DCU = Delphi Compiled Unit
DCX = FAX Image
DCX = Image Zsoft PC Publisher's Paintbrush(multi-pcx file)
DCX = Macro file
DCX = Mime: image/x-dcx
DCX = MS Visual Foxpro Database Container (DBC) Index file
DC~ = Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DD = Compressed Archive File Macintosh : DISKDOUBLER
DD = Image Doodle (C64)
DDAP = (MAC CREATOR CODE) File compressed by Disk Doubler ??
DDAP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DiskDoubler
DDB = Bitmap Graphics file
DDB = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Debugging Info
DDD = Adobe Acrobat Distiller
DDD = BullsEye (text, style sheet)
DDD = Fuji Xerox : 2D CAD data
DDD = Mime: application/vnd.fujixerox.ddd
DDE = binary : Dynamic Data Exchange
DDE = Dynamic Data Exchange
DDF = Bitstream Fontware File
DDF = Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File metadata
DDF = Music Library File
DDFL = (MAC FILE TYPE) Disk Doubler data file
DDFL = (MAC FILE TYPE) File compressed by Disk Doubler ??
DDI = DiskDupe disk image
DDIF = Digital Equipment /Compaq (images and word processing documents)
DDL = Data Definition Language : SQL file
DDO = Tank3d game file
dDOC = (MAC FILE TYPE) MacDraw Pro (PC ext: MDP)
dDOC = (MAC FILE TYPE) MacDraw Pro file
dDoc = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MacDraw Pro Drawing
DDP = Borland Delphi Diagramm page from compiler
DDP = OS/2 Device Driver Profile File
dDRW = (MAC FILE TYPE) Claris Draw
dDRW = (MAC FILE TYPE) Claris Draw File
dDrw = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisDraw Drawing
DDS = Direct Draw Surface,3-d texture file,when compressed Directx Texture Compression(DXTC1-5=S3TC)
DDS = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
DDT = Jill game file
DDV = Xbase Dbfast example Ivadbsp file
DE = Win Ace 204 file
DE$ = Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
DE_ = Game: doko inst file
DEB = Debian Linux Package
DEB = Debug script of DOS Debug
DEBIAN = Debian (make-)file
DEC = ArcView : UNIX hyperhelp supporting file
DEC = DEC DX, WPS Plus : Document
DEC = Decoded file
DECK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MS Query Cue Card Fil
DEEPV = Mime: application/x-deepv
DEF = (Vis)C++ Definition
DEF = 3D Fassade Plus Define Module File
DEF = Anisprite file
DEF = Defaults - definitions
DEF = Geoworks : Assembly header file
DEF = Mime: text/plain
DEF = module definition file (config)
DEF = SGML Tag Definition
DEF = SmartWare II data
DEF = TLink - WLink... : Linker definition file
DEFAULT = gen. Defaults - definitions
DEFAULT = System Volume Information SNAPSHOT file
DEFI = Oracle 7 : De-install script
DEFN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Dictionary
DEI = Design Engineered Interface (GSI Gerber Systems Inc.)
DEL = pctracker undelete tracking file
DEL = ST: CONTROL.DEL - list of data
DEM = 3d Graphic
DEM = Descent Demonstration
DEM = Graphics file (Vista Pro)
DEM = Quake/Hexen II .DEM file format
DEM = USGS US Geological Survey National Mapping Division Topo30 3d-file
DEMO = Demo
DEP = generally dependancy file
DEP = Visual Basic Setup Wizard : Dependency file
DER = Internet Security Certificate
DER = Internet security certificate
DER = Mime: application/pkix-cert
DER = Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
DES = Delphi description file
DES = description
DES = File Investigator description file
DESC = Description
DESKLINK = Desk Link
DET = Dart file
DEU = acronym for Deutsch (german)
DEV = Device Driver
DEV = Device Independent TeX
DEV = LaTeX File
DEVEL = Developper file
DEWF = gen. Sound
DEWF = Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit : recorded Instrument
DEX = Excel file
DEXE = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Virtual PC Executable
DEZ = Data Ease version 4.x
DEZ = DES Encryption : Encrypted zip file
DF = Data File
DF = Lightscape Parameters
DF = NCSA : Bitmap graphics (Hierarchical Data File)
DF$ = Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DF1 = Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DF2 = Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DF3 = Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DF3 = POV-ray file
DF4 = Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File
DFB0 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microphon
DFD = ABC programming language : Dyadic functions
DFD = CWK file
DFD = Data Flow Diagram graphic (Prosa)
DFF = Animation
DFI = Digifont : Outline font description
dfil = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory
DFIL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Desk Accessory Suitcase
DFL = OLE2 DocFile
DFL = Signature : Default program settings
DFM = Borland Delphi - Borland C++ Builder : Form file
DFM = Data Flow Diagram model (Prosa)
DFM = Delphi Forms
DFM = Wintidy file
DFS = Delight sound file
DFT = BullsEye (style sheet)
DFT = WaveMaker file
DFV = Word Print Format Template
DFX = AutoCAD 3d/CAD graphics
DFX = Micrografx Designer Effects = DLL
DG = Auto-trol Vector : Vector graphics
DGC = TurboTax File
DGM = Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
DGM = Digital Geospatial Metadata file
DGM = LOTUS Freelance diagram
DGN = ArcView Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
DGN = Intergraph Design Drawing /Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
DGN = MicroStation Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
DGN = Microstation95 CAD Drawing File
DGO = Dimitrius Settings File
DGPD = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DeltaGraph Documen
DGR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DeltaGraph Documen
DGR = Design CAD (Microstation95)
DGR = Format Pivot Graphic (FAX)
DGS = AT Advanced Diagnostics File
DH = Geoworks : Dependency information for .ph
DHE = Dialog Box Hep Editor Files
DHE = Visual Basic Dialog Box help editor document
DHF = Help Maker file
DHP = Dr. Halo II-III PIC format : Bitmap graphics
DHR = Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res; writes 2 colors
DHRP = Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 2 colors compressed
DHT = Gauss : Datafile
DI = Digital Illusion format
DI = Sound
DI_ = Game: doko inst file
DIA = Computer Support Corporation : Diagraph graphics
DIA = Diaporama
DIAG = DIAGNOTICS chemical modeller output file
DIB = Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic
DIB = Mime: image/bmp
DIC = Custom dictionary
DIC = DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine format : Bitmap graphics
DIC = Lotus Domino Dictionary
DIC = Lotus Notes Dictionary
DIC = Mime: text/plain
DIC = spellcheck file (various)
DIC = WordExpress2.0 dictionary
DICM = Digital imaging and communications in medicine
DICOM = DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine format : Bitmap graphics
DICT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Spellswell Dictionary
DICT = Dicts file
DID = Adobe Acrobat Distiller
DID = BullsEye file
DIF = Data Interchange Format : many Database's
DIF = Database file (VisiCalc)
DIF = Difference data file
DIF = Microsoft Excel Data Interchange Format file.
DIF = Mime: video/x-dv
DIF = Navy DIF
DIF = OS/2 : Display Information File
DIF = Output from Diff command - script for Patch command
DIF = Raytheon Raster : Bitmap graphics
DIF = Spreadsheet
DIF = Text file (Output from Data Interchange Format)
DIF = Video
DIF = Wright Design's Design Image Format
DIFF = Patch script : Difference data file
DIG = Sound Digilink format (Sound Designer I)
DIG = Text Document ASCII
DIGI = DIGIBooster module format
DIL = Delphi file
DIL = Dialog LOTUS or HighEdit import-export images
DIL = WordExpress2.0 file
dImg = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Disk Image Drawinggng-dmg
dimg = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Disk ImagesoryropInng-i
DIP = Debug Info Processor (Watcom Debugger)
DIP = Graphics file
DIP = Picture/tbv
DIP = Watcom Debugger : Debug info processor
DIR = ArcView : INFO directory manager file
DIR = CPS Backup
DIR = INFO directory manager file (ArcView)
DIR = Macromedia Director File
DIR = Mime: application/x-director
DIR = mscreate.dir
DIR = Procomm Plus Dialing Directory
DIR = VAX - CPS Backup : Directory file
DIRECT = Thoroughbred basic direct / sort file
DIS = Corel Draw Thesaurus
DIS = DATAIR Data Import Specification Layout File
DIS = Image DKB ray-tracer
DIS = Image Qrt Ray-Tracer
DIS = Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.DIS
DIS = Mobius : Distribution database
DIS = VAX Mail : Distribution list
DIT = Microsoft Windows 2000 : Active directory schema
DIVX = Movie Encoded with DivX-codec
DIZ = Description file for Bulletin boards
DIZ = Description In Zip File File_id.diz
DJ = DJGPP docs file
DJV = DjVu File Bitmap graphics
DJVU = DjVu File AT&T
DK = Danemark: danish text
Dk@P = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DocMaker Standalone Doc
DKB = DKBTrace : Raytraced graphics
DKC = Virtue Deskshow Compiler
DKD = Virtue Deskshow ScreemDemonstrato
DKI = Game: doppel kopf file
DKP = Dreamkeys plug-in
DKP = Virtue Deskshow SlidePresenter
DL = Animation (Italian origin)
DL = Display - DL Viewer : Animation
DL = Image Format (MAC)
DL = Mime: video/dl
DL = Mime: video/x-dl
DL$ = System Dllbackup file
DL0 = Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
DL_ = Animation / image
DL_ = DLL backup
DLB = SmartBook
dlct = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScript Dialect
DLD = Data Lotus 1-2-3
DLD = DLLdetective
DLG = ArcView : Graph file
DLG = Dialog Resource Script : MS WINDOWS
DLG = U.S. Geological Survey Digital Line Graph vector image(geographical data)
DLK = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
DLL = A file containing runtime routines for use with program files.
DLL = CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
DLL = Dynamic Link Library
DLL = Mime: application/x-msdownload
DLM = Dirty Little Helper Cheat File
DLM = FileMaker Pro : Data
DLN = Scanner Recognita file
DLS = Blood2
DLS = IMA Interactive Music Architecture : Sound instruments (Downloadable sample file)
DLS = Norton Disklock : Setup
DLU = Dirty Little Helper Update File
DLV4 = Catia file format
DLZ = Data file (compressed)
DM = Borland dbase
DM2 = Misc
DM2 = Quake II recorded game format
DMA = Direct Memory Access programming file
DMD = Corel Data Modeling Desktop
DMD = Visual dBASE Data Module
DME = ??
DMF = Delusion : Music format (Delusion Digital Music File)
DMF = DMF Player Ver 0.52B
DMF = Microsoft Windows Disk Map File
DMF = Packed Amiga disk image
DMF = XTracker Digital Music File
DMG = Macintosh OS X Disk Image File (Treated like a real disk)
DMGR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Desktop Manager
DMJ = Dustman selection for delete
DML = Darn! Shopping! Mall File
DMO = Derive : Demo
DMO = Duke Nukem 3D/Redneck Rampage recorded games
DMO = gen. demo
DMO = S3M compressed modul
DMP = INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
DMP = screen or memory Dump
DMS = Compressed Amiga file archive created by DISKMASHER
DMS = Mime: application/octet-stream
DMS = Packrat database index
DMT = Delphi Runimage Delphi Bin file
DMV = Acrobat Catalog file, contains parsing rules for tagged text file
DMW = DrawMe vector image
DMY = container file
DMY = Dummy
DNA = Mime: application/vnd.dna
DNA = NewMoon : Distributed Network Application info
DNC = Compressed dictionary file BITS(c)HOP MASTER-Dictionary
DNE = Darn v5+ Windows Events List
DNK = Killad file
DNL = comma seperated value file from Concordance Database by Dataflight Software, Inc.
DNS = DynSite Plug-in File
DO = digital line graph optional vestor data
DO$ = Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
DO0 = Sysinfo Sa51swe file
DO1 = Sysinfo Sa51swe file
DO2 = Sysinfo Sa51swe file
DO7 = dos 7 file
DO_ = compressed doc file
DOB = Visual Basic user document form file
doc = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Word Documentackage
DOC = DisplayWrite 4
DOC = FrameBuilder Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = FrameMaker Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = generally text file. maybe propriatary format.
DOC = Interleaf Document format Interleaf
DOC = maybe Microsoft Word .DOT file
DOC = maybe RTF
DOC = Microsoft BIFF File
DOC = Microsoft Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Mime: application/msword
DOC = MS DOS Word2x,3x,.. Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Palm Pilot DOC file format
DOC = PFS Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Samna Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = SmatWare Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Sprint Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Total Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Volkswriter Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Wang IWP Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = WordMarc Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Wordpad text
DOC = WordPerfect Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = WordStar Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
DOC = Write Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
Docc = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DragThing Colors File
Dock = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DragThing
DOCK = Dock Database chemical modeller input file
DOF = WinTidy file
DOG = Laughing Dog Screen Maker : Screen file
DOH = Geoworks : Dependency information for .poh
DOK = Dokument, often ascii text
DOK = german or dutch text
DON = Textur Editor file
DONE = cygwin postinstall file
DOO = Image Doodle (Atari)
DOO = Vibrants : Music
DOR = Mime: model/vnd.gdl
DOR = Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
DORE = Dore raster file format
DOS = 1st Reader : External command file
DOS = DOS 7 system files. Win 95 boot up in DOS.
DOS = gen. Network Driver file
DOS = NDIS network card driver
DOS = Text file (DOS)
dosa = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Unknown PC files
dosa = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PC Exchange
DOT = Corel Lines-Definition
DOT = Mime: application/msword
DOT = Mime: application/x-dot
DOT = MS Word Document Template
Doug = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Resourcerer
DOV = temp file
DOX = Microsoft Word : Text document
DOX = MultiMate V4.0 document
DOX = Visual Basic user document binary form file
DOZ = VENDINFO : Description Out of Zip
DP = Common Group
DP = Daily Planner : Calendar file
DP = DataPhile : Data file
DP = Mime: application/commonground
DP = Portable Document; Common Ground Digital Paper
DP = Text
DP = THOR database : Primary data file
DP$ = Ntgraph Visual c wizzard file
DPA = Archive
DPA = Serif DrawPlus Animation
DPB = Fax master file
DPC = Game: Uefa champions league Data gfx common object misc file
DPD = ABC programming language : Dyadic predicates
DPDB = Dock PDB chemical modeller input file
DPG = Deleted program group; Windows Applications Manager
DPG = DPGraph : Mathematical graph
DPG = Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
DPGRAPH = DPGraph : Mathematical graph
DPGRAPH = Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
DPI = Pointline bitmap
DPJ = Borland Delphi : Project
DPJ = DeskProto CAM : DeskProto project file
DPK = Deleted package, Windows Applications Manager
DPK = Delphi Package File
DPL = Borland Delphi 3 Packed Library
DPL = Digital Photo Librarian Database
dplt = (MAC FILE_TYPE) AppleScript Droplet
DPMI = DOS Protected-Mode Interface Programming
DPP = Serif DrawPlus Drawing
DPQ = PCX format
DPR = Borland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project and state related info
DPR = Desk Project
DPR = Wintidy file
dPRO = (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacDraw Pro (PC ext: MDP)
dPro = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MacDraw Pro
DPT = Publish-It! : Publication file
DPX = Animation
DPX = Cineon DPX file : Bitmap graphics (Digital Moving Picture Exchange) see also cin
DPX = Image Kodak Cineon
DP~ = Bc31 Bin file
DQL = DataEase : Database
DQY = MS Excel ODBC Query File
DR$ = Modem Bitware Fax disk2 file
Dr3d = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CorelDream 3D
DR9 = Directory file
DR_ = compressed DRV file of VFW
drag = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Drag and Drop
DRAW = 2d Graphic
DRAW = Acorn's object-based format : Vector graphics
DRC = Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
DRE = DReport exported report file
DRES = Diagnosis Results
DRF = Photoline Drawing Filter
DRL = Music source file ( computer game)
DRM = Cubase Drumsets Kawai file
DRN = Darn for DOS
DRP = DReport report file
DRS = BMP /tbv
DRS = Draw Perfect (1.0) Font
DRS = Text
DRS = WordPerfect Driver Resource
drst = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Drive Setup
DRU = Wfm384s demo file
DRV = Device Driver : this is what makes a device function
DRV = Program Overlay
Drvf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FaxSTF Driver
DRW = Drawing (various)
DRW = Image LOTUS Freelance
DRW = Micrografx Vector Graphic DEsigner 2.x 3.x
DRW = Mime: application/drafting
DRW = Pro/E : Vector graphics
drw2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Canvas 3.5 Drawing
drw5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Canvas 5 Drawing
DRWG = (MAC FILE TYPE) MacDraw file
DRWG = (MAC FILE TYPE) MacDraw II files
DRWG = (MAC FILE_TYPE) MacDraw II Drawing
Drwr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Drop Drawers Drawer
DRX = DReport binary file
DRY = Executable (Net2000)
DRY = XAIRON organizer diary file
DRZ = Draz Paint image format
DRZ = DReport compressed report file
DS = chemistry Software
DS = TWAIN Data Source ( = DLL)
DS4 = Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
DS_ = Compr. Scanner us driver file
DSA = PKCS7 signature, DSA
DSB = Rayman2 play
DSC = DeSCription file
DSC = Description file
DSC = MIME Tag types : Tag descriptor file
DSC = Mime: text/prs.lines.tag
DSC = MS Belief Network (MSBN is an expert system)
DSC = Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File
DSC = Oracle Discard File
DSC = PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification Version 3.0
DSC = SoftImage Scene file
DSCE = Diagnosis Scenario
DSD = DataShaper : Database file
DSD = Document Structure Definition File XML or WWW3
Dseg = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DropSegment
DSES = Diagnosis Session
DSF = Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
DSF = DriveSurf picture
DSF = Micrografx Designer V6.x, V7.x
DSF = MS Belief Network document (infix formula declarations)
DSF = PC-TRUST Document Signer : Extension means file is signed
DSG = DOOM : Saved game
DSJT= = Director 5 Resources Type "DsJt" Creator "MD95"(MAC)
DSK = Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop Settings File
DSK = Desk
DSK = Novell NetWare disk drivers
DSK = ZX SPECTRUM emulator file
dskp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Desktop Patterns
DSL = DSSSL Style Sheet
DSL = Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
DSM = Delphi Symbol File
DSM = Digital sound module Tracker Format (DSI)
DSM = MS Developer Studio macro :VBA = Visual Basic for Applications
DSN = Design (Object System Designer)
DSN = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
DSN = Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic File
DSN = SureThing Office Labeler (formerly DesignExpress) Document
DSN = Surfcam file
DSO = MS Visc 6 Dev studio workspace file(renamed to old, converted from vc5)
DSP = Display parameters (Signature)
DSP = DLL used by Norton viewer
DSP = Dr.Halo : Graphics display driver
DSP = Dynamic Studio : Dynamic Studio Professional Module
DSP = Graphics Display driver (Dr. Halo)
DSP = MS Developer Studio Project, replaces mak
DSP = Signature : Display parameters
DSQ = Corel QUERY File
DSR = Active Designer File Visual Basic
DSR = Micrografx Designer graphic
DSR = WordPerfect for Win Driver
DSS = DCC : Screensaver file
DSS = Digital Soup sound file
DSS = Digital Speech Standard File (various Voice Recorders)
DSS = Digital Speech Standard File IBM ViaVoice
DSSL = DSSL style sheet SGML (like Scheme )
DST = CubicPlayer file
DST = Embroidery machines graphic file
DST = Micrografx Designer template
DST = PC-RDist, by Pyzzo distribution file
DST = Win : WAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL
DStf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) DropStuff
DSTL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Acrobat Distiller
DSW = Borland C++ Desktop Settings
DSW = MS Developer Studio Workspace used to be mdp and bld
DSX = Micrografx Designer graphic
DSX = Visual Basic active designer binary file
DSZ = Win Help related file
DT = DAT backup
DT = Macintosh file data fork
DT5 = Brother's Keeper genealogy file
DT_ = Mac-ette : Data fork of a Macintosh file
DTA = Data file for eg: TURBO PASCAL / PC-FILE
DTA = gen Datafile, can be text as well as binary data
DTA = Stata
DTA = World Bank's STARS data
DTAUS = Misc
DTAZV = Misc
DTB = After Dark file
DTB = Cybermedia uninstaller
dTB2 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Timbuktu Pro DropIn
DTC = windows: applog journal
DTD = DTD : SGML Document Type Definition
DTD = Mime: application/xml
DTD = Mime: text/xml
DTE = Win Applog file
DTEA = Diagnosis Template Archive
DTED = geographical data format : Digital terrain elevation data
DTF = Database file of PFS-Questions & Answers
DTF = ICEM CAD : Data file
DTF = MS Exchange Header File (Used when sending to Lotus Notes)
DTFL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Desktop Fil
DTG = Win Applog file
DTH = Windows Applog file
DTI = Fifa2001 data comon file
DTI = Windows Applog file
DTJ = Win Applog file
DTL = computer game "The Sims"
DTL = Windows Applog file
DTM = DigiTracker module (sound / music)
DTP = Datastorm Technologies, Inc. ProComm Program Patch
DTP = Page Express desktop publishing document
DTP = PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3 : Publication
DTP = Pressworks : Template file
DTP = SecurDesk! Desktop
DTP = Text Document of Timeworks Publisher 3.x
dtpc = (MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter Configuration
DTQ = Database Tools Query
DTR = Swisslog Downtime Analyzer Report
DTX = LaTeX document (doctrip)
DTX = Q&A file
DUA = Game: fifa 2001 data feart legalscr file
DUB = Audio Utility Tuningwrench Tuning compressed file
DUM = Ada Ada Tutor file
DUMP = Mime: application/octet-stream
DUN = Dial-Up Network config file
DUN = Dunce file
DUP = Backup file (Duplicate)
DUS = ??
DUT = Dutch text file
DV = DESQview Script
DV = Digital video file
DV = Mime: video/x-dv
DVC = Lotus 1-2-3 File
DVD = Animation
DVD = DOS Device Driver File
DVD = Misc
DVF = DV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
DVG = Graphics Works list of symbols
DVI = Action Media II Digital Video Interactive movie
DVI = Mime: application/x-dvi
DVI = TeX : Text document (TeX Device Independent File Format)
DVM = DVM Movie File Format
DVP = AutoCAD Device Parameter
DVP = DESQview program information file
DVR = Device Driver
DVR = Program Overlay
DW2 = DesignCAD Drawing File
DW4 = Visio/DisplayWrite 4 text
DWARF = DWARF (debug with arbitrary record format) (Acrobat)
DWB = Coryphaeus Software Designer : Workbench
DWC = DWC : Compressed file archive
DWD = DiamondWare digitized file; a Datawrite file: sound
DWF = Autodesk WHIP! Drawing Web File compressed image
DWF = Mime: drawing/x-dwf
DWF = Mime: drawing/x-dwf (old)
DWF = Mime: model/vnd.dwf
DWG = 2d Graphic
DWG = AutoCAD Drawing
DWG = AutoCAD Drawing Database
DWG = Drafix CAD
DWG = Mime: application/acad
DWG = Mime: application/autocad
DWG = Mime: image/vnd
DWG = Mime: image/vnd.dwg
DWG = Mime: image/x-dwg
DWG = older Generic CADD drawing format
DWI = dwifile open with: DEPENDS.EXE /dde
DWJ = Dynamic Submission 2000 V6 file
DWL = Textur Editor compressed file
DWM = Dwstk file
DWP = DeScribe : Document file
DWP = Dweep Game Levels
DWR = WordEpress2.0 file
DWS = Dyadic : Workspace file
DWT = AutoCAD : Template file, or prototype
DWT = Macromedia Dreamweaver Template File
DWX = DesignWorks Viewer Tools file
DWZ = Designer Projects Template file
DX = Auto-trol Raster image : Bitmap graphics
DX = Data explorer document
DX = Document Imaging File
DX = Mime: chemical/x-jcamp-dx
DX = MultiMate word processor document
DX = Protein : JCAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format Kinetic
DX = Text file (DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus)
DX = THOR database : Cross-reference data
DXB = AutoCAD drawing exchange format (binary) (vector)
DXB = Database
DXE = amiga emulator file
DXF = 2d Graphic
DXF = 3d Graphic
DXF = AutoCad Drawing eXchange Format (text representation of the binary DWG )
DXF = Fh7 image file
DXF = Image PSP
DXF = Micrografx Picture Publisher special effect
DXF = Mime: application/dxf
DXF = Mime: image/vnd.dxf
DXF = Mime: image/x-dwg
DXF = Mime: image/x-dxf
DXN = Fujitsu dexNET : Fax document
DXR = Adobe Acrobat File
DXR = Macromedia Director Protected -non editable- Movie File
DXR = Mime: application/vnd.dxr
DXR = Mime: application/x-director
DXT1 = S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (see also DDS)
DXT2 = S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (premultiplied alpha)(see also DDS)
DXT3 = S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (see also DDS)
DXT4 = S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (premultiplied alpha)(see also DDS)
DXT5 = S2TC compressed Surface file (texture) (see also DDS)
DY22 = Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 22k)
DY44 = Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 44k)
DYL = EPOC16 : Dynamic link library
DYN = Lotus File 1-2-3
DYNA = Format for storing info on 3-d motions
DZS = character file
D~L = .DLL copy (Creative)
D~V = Win3 System file(compr)

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