Explicarea extensiilor la programe care incep cu litera F

F = Fortran; same as FOR; F90 is the new type
F = Freeze compressed file archive
F = Mime: text/plain
F = Mime: text/x-fortran
F = Paradox file
F#+A = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Rag Time Classic
F#+D = (MAC FILE TYPE) Rag Time Classic file
F+DB = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FoxPro Database
F01 = Fax (perfectfax)
F06 = Dos screen text font - height 6 pixels
F07 = Dos screen text font - height 7 pixels
F08 = Dos screen text font - height 8 pixels
F09 = Dos screen text font - height 9 pixels
F0R = Farandole linear module format sound/music
F10 = Dos screen text font - height 10 pixels
F11 = Dos screen text font - height 11 pixels
F12 = Dos screen text font - height 12 pixels
F13 = Dos screen text font - height 13 pixels
F14 = Dos screen text font - height 14 pixels
F15 = DOS 15 Pixel Screen Font
F16 = Dos screen text font - height 16 pixels
F2 = Biosflash file
F2B = Fade To Black
F2R = Farandole Linear Module format
F3 = Biosflash f3 file
F32 = Raw 32-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
F3LA = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Corel Texture File
F3R = Farandole blocked linear module format
F6 = Fonts file
F64 = Raw 64-bit IEEE Floating Point Values
F7 = Fonts file
F77 = Fortran 77 language source file
F77 = Mime: text/x-fortran
F8 = Fonts file
F90 = Fortran 90 language source file /free form
F90 = Mime: text/plain
F90 = Mime: text/x-fortran
F96 = Frecom FAX96
FA1 = DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Data File
FA2 = DATAIR FAS 87/132 Reporter Custom text File
FA_ = Compr. Scanner us driver file
FAC = UNIX FaceSaver bitmap image /Usenix FACE
FACE = UNIX FaceSaver bitmap image /Usenix FACE
FAE = MS Office 97 file converter DLL
faet = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Shared Folder Alias
FAFF = Amiga spreadsheet Procalc and Advantage
FAL = Bitmap graphics image header information Q0
FAM = computer game "The Sims"
FAM = Paradox TV
FAQ = Text; Frequently Asked Questions
FAR = Farandole Composer music module /MOD
FAS = Macsyma compiled program
FASL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FrameMaker 5 Document
FAT = KNOTS2_0 file
FAV = Microsoft Outlook navigation bar
FAV = Ms Outlook FAVorites shortcut
FAX = Fax (generic Group 3 1bit encoded data) (most Fax programs)
FAXMGR = Mime: application/x-fax-manager
FAXMGRJOB = Mime: application/x-fax-manager-job
FB = Backup file made by Novell (DR)Dos' FastBack Express (fbx.exe)
FBC = FamilyTree Compressed Backup File
fbce = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Find File Text Extractor
FBEX = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Norton Expand
FBK = Navison Financials backup
FBM = Fuzzy BitMap
FBN = ArcView : spatial index file for read-only datasets
fbnd = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Communication Tool
FBok = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FrameMaker Book
FBS = File Burner Skin
FBS = Mime: image/vnd.fastbidsheet
FBT = fr_batch_template_file
FBX = ArcView : spatial index file for read-only datasets
FC = Harvard Graphics 2.0 spell checking dictionary
FC$ = Basic Realizer Disk1 L file
FC-M = FC-M packer format
FC4 = Module musical Futur Composer
FCC = Basic Realizer Careal Lib file
FCD = FastCad or EasyCad image
FCD = Virtual CDROM
FCD4 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Importer
FCE = Game: need for speed Render file
FCF = HP-95 Filer configuration
FchC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fetch Cache
FchP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fetch Prefs File
FCIM = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Incoming Message
FCL = Cyber Audio Library link file
FCM = Binary file patch file (forward compression) (jlpak10.zip)
FCOD = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Filter
FCOM = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Emailer Outgoing
FCP = FirstClass Client Protocol
FCS = FirstClass Client 2.6 Settings
FCT = FoxPro catalog memo file
FCW = Campaign Cartographer 2 File
FD = DataFlex field offsets for compiler
FD = Front Door resource file
FD = Include; Fortran Include (declarations)
FDA = System Sysutil file
FDAT = CSD FDAT chemical modeller input file
FDB = Database; FoxPro /tbv
FDB = font definition block of SWT generator (flash MX)
FDB = Navison Financials database
FDF = Mime: application/vnd.fdf
FDF = Portable Document; Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
FDL = Paradox
FDML = Mime: text/html
FDR = SideKick 2 Note file
fdrp = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Folder Alias
FDW = Form (F3 Design and Mapping)
FDX = Force Index
FEAT = Feature chemical modeller input file
FEAT = Feature chemical modeller output file
FEB = WordPerfect for Win figure editor button bar
FEF = Steuer2001 Formular file
FEI = Geoworks Fatal Error Infotable
FEM = CADRE Finite Elements Mesh file
FERP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Prefs
FEX = Focus File
FEXT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Extensions Manager Prefs
fext = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Finder Extension
FF = Agfa Compugraphics outline font description
FF = Intelligont FIAS format
FF2 = Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! Standard file
FFA = MS Office Fast Find
FFD = Softrans Gmbh Hello Engines! 2.1 file
FFF = Fax (defFax)
FFF = GUS PnP bank file format
FFF = Maggi Hairstyles & Cosmetics image format
FFI = Atech FastFont (AllType)
ffil = (MAC FILE TYPE) Display Font
FFIL = (MAC FILE TYPE) Font Suitcase (Type 1 or True Type)
FFIL = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Font Suitcasenager Pdfont
ffil = (MAC FILE_TYPE) System Font
FFIVW = ASCII File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds (VRML)
FFL = MS Office Fast Find
FFN = Fifa World Cup game data fe art file
FFO = FastFind file
FFP = Corel Graphics10 Custom file
FFT = DisplayWrite document
FFT = Fast Fourier Transform analysis data
FFT = Text file (IBM DCA/FFT Final Form Text)
FFX = MS Office Fast Find Index
FG5 = Mime: application/vnd.fujitsu.oasysgp
FGA = Folder Guard Attributes
FGD = Folder Guard Data
FGD = Mime: application/x-director
Fgdb = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fontographer Document
FGL = Inno Setup Component Definitions file
FGP = Folder Guard Passwords File
FH = Mime: image/x-freehand
FH3 = Drawing; Aldus FreeHand 3 vector image(before Macromedia)
FH4 = Aldus FreeHand 4.x vector image
FH4 = Mime: image/x-freehand
FH40 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand
FH5 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand
FH5 = Drawing; Macromedia FreeHand
FH5 = Mime: image/x-freehand
FH50 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Freehand 5 (PC ext: FH5)
FH50 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 5 file
FH7 = Drawing; Macromedia FreeHand /tbv
FH7 = Mime: image/x-freehand
FH8 = FreeHand : Vector graphics
FHA3 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Freehand 3
FHA3 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 3 (PC ext: FH3)
FHC = Mime: image/x-freehand
FHD3 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Freehand 3 (PC ext: FH3)
FHD3 = (MAC FILE TYPE) Freehand 3 file
FHD3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FreeHand 3 Graphic
FHLP = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fetch Help File
FHTML = Macromedia html file
FHX = Fh5 Usenglsh Xtras file
FHZ = Fenske-Hall ZMatrix chemical modeller output file
FI = Bitstream Intellifont
FI = FlashImage image format
FI = Ms Fortran Interface file
FIC = Sheffield dictionary file
FIF = Altamira Genuine Pixels 1.0 compressed format
FIF = Font information file
FIF = Fractal Image File. New image format, small
FIF = Mime: application/fractals
FIF = Mime: image/fif
FIG = Data (REND386/AVRIL)
FIG = Linker options (Lahey Fortran)
FIG = TransFIG image format
FIH = File Investigator Help File
FII = Autodesk animation
FIL = File listing
FIL = File template (Application Generator)
FIL = Files list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
FIL = WordPerfect overlay
FILMSTRIP = Filmstrip v1.0 format
FIM = Construsyc/Instasyc File
FIN = Print-formatted text file (Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE)
find = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Find File Opt
FIO = Aldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
FIO = Image PALS viewer DLL
FIR = Webalizer.01 file
FIRE = FireStarter Project File
FISH = 3d Fish Tank Saved Fish
FISHES = 3d Fish Tank Saved Fishes
FISHTANK = 3d Fish Tank Saved Fishtank
FIT = File Index Table (Windows NT)
FIT = Graphics and data (Flexible Image Transport System)
FITS = CCD camera image
FITS = Flexible Image Transport System
FIX = Patch file
FIXED = Dllbackup root file
FKY = Database Program; FoxPro Macro
FL = Sound (Floating format) (not portable)
FL_ = Compr. Scanner us driver file
FLA = Editable Macromedia Flash Movie
FLASHPIX = 2d Graphic
FLB = Papyrus Format LiBrary
FLC = Autodesk Animator (AutoDesk FLIC format) (old: .FLI)
FLC = Corel Show
FLC = Presentation; Film Clip
FLCK = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FlightCheck
FLD = Charisma folder
FLE = Op9630 Settings file
FLE = Scanner Settings file
FLEXRESP = Snort file
FLF = Corel Paradox delivered form
FLF = Firehand Lightening picture presentation file (slide-show)
FLF = Navison Financials license file
FLH = Animation
FLI = Autodesk Animator animation old format (AutoDesk FLIC format)
FLI = Flic-movie (Corel)
FLI = Mime: video/fli
FLI = Mime: video/x-fli
FLI = Tex font library (EmTeX)
FLI_ = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FLI Animation
FLIC = Autodesk Animator : Animation (AutoDesk FLIC format)
FLL = FoxPro runtime library Windows (PLB for DOS )
FLL = Micrografx Designer 7 image fill pattern
FLM = Database Program; FoxPro Library
FLM = Film Roll (AutoCAD/AutoShade)
FLM = Image format on Atari
FLO = MicroGrafx FlowCharter 7 File
FLO = Mime: image/florian
FLP = CorelFlow Project Flow Chart
FLR = Netscape Live 3D
FLS = Dbdemos file
FLST = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fetch Bookmarks
FLT = Adobe Illustrator Filter
FLT = Autodesk Animator Animation
FLT = Corel filter
FLT = DLL, Import Filter (Aldus/Micrografx Picture Publisher/Ms Word)
FLT = Filter (generic)
FLT = Graphics FiLTer (Asymetrix ToolBook/Corel)
FLT = MultiGen FLighT
FLT = OpenFlight file
FLT3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Filter
Fltr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) XTND Filter
FLW = Freelance : Document
FLX = Animation format
FLX = Database /Flexstor format
FLX = DataFlex compiled binary
FLX = Mime: text/html
FLX = Mime: text/vnd.fmi.flexstor
FLY = Mime: text/vnd.fly
FM = Document; FrameMaker Document
FM = FileMaker Pro database
FM = Mime: application/x-framemaker
FM = Mime: application/x-maker
FM1 = Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.x)
FM2 = Maestro Mama Demo file
FM3 = Harvard Graphics 3.0 device driver
FM3 = Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3.x )
FMB = Oracle binary source code for form, beginning with version 4.0
FMB = WordPerfect for Win File Manager Button bar
FMC = System Sysutil file
fmCF = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Adobe Type Manager Prefs
FMD = Open Access File
FmDB = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Forum Database
FMF = IBM LinkWay font or icon file
FMF = Mime: video/x-atomic3d-feature
FMK = Fortran PowerStation makefile
FMK$ = (MAC FILE TYPE) FileMaker 1 file
FML = File Mirror List (GetRight)
FML = Mime: application/file-mirror-list
FML = Mime: application/x-file-mirror-list
FMO = dBASE IV compiled format file
FMP = Filemaker Pro Database
FMP = Font map 3d font map
FMP3 = (MAC CREATOR CODE) FileMaker Pro (PC ext: FMP/FP3)
FMP3 = (MAC FILE TYPE) FileMaker Pro (PC ext: FMP/FP3)
FMP3 = (MAC FILE TYPE) FileMaker Pro file
FMP3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro
FMP3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro 3 Database
FMPR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro
FMPR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Pro 2
FMS = Lotus Frelance file
FMsg = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CompuServe Filed Messag
FMT = Fast loading format (TeX)
FMT = ForMaT file (dBASE IV/FoxPro/Clipper 5/dBFast/Gate3)
FMT = Format; Lotus 1-2-3
FMT = Ms Schedule+ print file
FMT = Oracle text format of form
FMT = Schedule+ Print File
FMT = Sprint style sheet
FMTR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Transfer File
FMU = fuzzy system modelling environment in ebnf-notation
FMV = FrameMaker picture, bitmap or vector
FMV = Full Motion Video file
FMX = Oracle executable form
FMXT = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Extension
FN3 = Harvard Graphics 3.0 font file
FN_ = Cad file
FNB = PFS: 1st Publisher Font
FND = Microsoft Explorer Saved Search file
fndf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Find File
FNDR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Finder File
FNET = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FileMaker Network File
FNG = Font group file (Font Navigator)
FNK = FunkTracker music
FNO = Folio Infobase
FNT = Font file (many)
FNT = raw font created by FONTEDIT.EXE
FNX = Exact inactive font
FO$ = Midiprg Ballade compressed file
FO1 = Borland Turbo C font file
FO2 = Borland Turbo C font file
FOG = Fontographer font database file
Fog4 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Fontographer 4
FOL = 1st Reader folder of saved messages
FOLD = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Open Folder List
FOLDER = Folder file, open with: Explorer.exe /idlist
FON = Bitmap FONt with fixed size (many - Windows 3.x font library)
FON = Phonebook (Terminate/Terminator/Telix)
FON = Procomm Plus log of all calls
FONT = Font data (unix)
FOP = Freedom of Press bitmap image
FOPX = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Org Chart
FOR = Fortran Source code
FOR = Mime: text/plain
FOR = Mime: text/x-fortran
FOR = WindowBase form
FOT = Truetype font styles file belonging to .TTF, used in Windows 3.x
FOU = Spicecad Lowpass_ file
FOX = Foxbase/FoxPro+ executable (precompiled .prg)
FP = FileMaker Pro data
FP = FoxPro configuration file
FP1 = Flying Pigs for Windows game data
FP2 = Hdf Util file
FP3 = Filemaker Pro 3.0 database
FP32 = terrain format: HDF format
FP4 = FileMaker Pro 4 File
FP5 = FileMaker Pro 5 File
FP5 = Mime: application/filemaker5
FPC = FoxPro catalog file
FPD = TMT Pascal compiled unit
FPG = DIV Game Studio Multi Map image format
FPK = Form package file (FormFlow)
FPM = Database Program; FoxPro startup file
FPR = Fruitypro Samples Humanize presets Grooves file
FPT = Database Text; FoxPro Database Memo
FPW = FloorPLAN plus Windows drawing
FPW = FoxPro Configuration = CONFIG.FPW = INI file
FPX = Compiled FoxPro program
FPX = Kodak FlashPiX bitmap image
FPX = Mime: application/vnd.netfpx
FPX = Mime: image/vnd.fpx
FPX = Mime: image/vnd.net-fpx
FPX = Mime: image/x-fpx
FQF = FlashFXP Queue File
FR = QEDIT file
FR3 = Renamed dBASE III+ form file
FRA = Fifa World Cup game data fe art Legalscr file
FRACT = Free Form Fractional chemical modeller input file
FRAG* = glslang fragment programs (* means only .frag is tested)
Fram = (MAC FILE_TYPE) FrameMaker
FRAME = Mime: application/x-framemaker
FRAME5 = Cvip formatted file
FRBD = (fuzzy rule based definition)fuzzy system modelling environment in ebnf-notation
FRD = Game: need for speed Tracks Trk000 file
FRE = Fifa 2002 data legal screen file
FRE = Male MRI image format
FRF = FontMonger intermediate font
FRG = dBASE IV uncompiled report file
FRL = GP-Forth library
FRL = Mime: application/freeloader
FRM = Fractint FoRMula
FRM = Frame Stacks
FRM = Megalux Frame image format
FRM = Mime: application/vnd.ufdl
FRM = Mime: application/vnd.xfdl
FRM = Mime: application/x-framemaker
FRM = Order or registration FoRM (textfile)
FRM = Report file (dBASE IV/Clipper 5/dBFast)
FRM = Visual Basic source file belonging to a Form
FRM = WordPerfect Document Merge Form
FRO = dBASE IV compiled report file
FRP = Form (PerForm PRO Plus/FormFlow)
FRS = WordPerfect for Win screen font resource
FRT = FoxPro additional (FPT) report description file
FRT = GP-Forth language source code file
FRX = Binair file belonging to Visual Basic .FRM (form stash file)
FRX = FoxPro Main (DBF) report description file
FRZ = EPOC FReeZe file
FS = Bitmap image (Usenix FaceServer file)
FS5 = Game: Ms flight Scenery file
FS6 = Game: Ms flight Panels file
FSC = cygwin tix4.1 preferences file
FSF = Convert It! Factor File
FSF = fPrint Audit Tool File
FSG = "IBM Voice Type" languages map file
FSH = Fifa World Cup game data environment file
FSK = Movie Script
FSL = Corel Paradox saved form
FSL = Form; Paradox compiled
FSM = Farandole Composer WaveSample music format
FSP = fPrint Audit Tool file format
FSS = Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 register file
FSSD = Sound
FST = dBFast linkable program
FST = Mime: image/vnd.fst
FSX = Lotus 1-2-3 data
FSX3 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Painter
FSY = PhotoFantasy Image image format
FT = Lotus Notes Full Test index
FT30 = (MAC FILE_TYPE) PageMaker Filter
FT5 = Fh5 file
FT7 = Freehand7 template
FT8 = FreeHand8 template
FTB = Index file (Roots3)
FTCH = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Extensis' Portfolio
FTCH = (MAC FILE TYPE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio (PC ext: FDB)
FTF = Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Client to Server)
FTG = Windows Help full text search group file
FTH = FileMaker Pro Theme
FTI = Mime: application/vnd.anser-web-funds-transfer-initiation
FTK = Formtek Raster Bitmap graphics
FTL = FutureTense Texture (Internet texture viewer)
FTM = Micrografx font file
FTMP = fontmap 3d font map (also magic bytes)
FTN = Fortran language source code file , fixed form
FTP = Configuration (FTP Software PC/TCP)
FTP = FTP Voyager document
FTR = Description (features)
FTS = Graphics and data (Flexible Image Transport System)
FTS = Windows Help Full Text Search index
FTV = Forest & Trees File
FTW = Family File
FTX = TextCraft Document
FULL = Cygwin var log file
FUN = Description (Functions)
FUNK = Mime: audio/make
FUZZAK = Fuzzac Packer format
FVF = Fluke View
FVI = Mime: video/isivideo
FVT = Mime: video/vnd.fvt
FW = FrameWork database
FW2 = FrameWork II database
FW3 = FrameWork III database
FW4 = Framework IV file
FWB = FileWrangler Data File Backup
FWEB = Fortran WEB
FWF = Xwave Fwf file
FWK = FrameWork Database
FWL = FileWrangler EXE Library
FWS = FileWrangler Data File for File Splitting Configuration
FX = FastLynx online guide
FXD = FaxIt phone book card file
FXD = FoxPro FoxDoc support
FXD = WinFax
FXI = data file for file-ex
FXM = Deltrina Winfax PRO (Multiple fax images)
FXO = Winfax image format
FXP = FoxPro executable precompiled .prg
FXR = WinFax
FXS = WinFax Transmit Format graphics
FXT = Template file for file-ex
FXTC = (MAC CREATOR CODE) After Effects' project file (PC ext: AEP)
FXTC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) After Effects
FZB = Casio FZ-1 Bank dump
FZF = Casio FZ-1 Full dump
FZP = Dye Sub support file (Fargo Primera colour printer)
FZV = Casio FZ-1 Voice dump

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