Explicarea extensiilor la programe pentru cele cu litera L

L = L-System fractal for Fractint
L = Lex language source
L = Lisp language source
L = WATCOM wlink directive
L2L = "IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
L2P = "IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
L95 = Lib file
LA = Mime: audio/nspaudio
LA = Mime: audio/x-nspaudio
LA = Netscape packetized audio / LiveAudio
LA! = Game resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
LA1 = Liquid Audio File
LA_ = Databook ti file
LAB = Datafile (NCSS/SOLO)
LAB = game resource files from Phantom Menace et al.
LAB = Mailing labels (Q+E for Ms Excel)
LAB = Q+E mailing label
LABEL = Text image format
LAK = Mime: x-lml/x-lak
LAM = Mime: audio/x-liveaudio
LAM = Streaming audio metafile (Netscape Media Player)
LAN = Erdas true colour bitmap image
LAN = Novell NetWare LAN Drivers
LANALYSER = LANalyzer for Windows trace file format (Novell Netware)
LAND = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Userland Frontier
LANDSAT = Bitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file)
LANSAT = EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file
LAO = MAC Scanner files
LAR = Liquid Audio Passport
LASR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) XPress Printer File
LATEX = Latex text document
LATEX = Mime: application/x-latex
LAV = Listlabl file
LAVS = Liquid Audio Secured Download
LAX = AnetHelpTool JavaHelp viewer file
LAY = generally used for Layout file
LAY = Plotmaker Layout
LAY = Word chart Layout (APPLAUSE)
LB = Novanew file
LBD = Grafic Fli file
LBG = dBASE IV label generator data
LBI = Game: fifa 2001 data feart legalscr file
LBL = LabeL (dBASE IV/Clipper 5/dBFast/FoxBase+)
LBM = Deluxe Paint bitmap see Amiga's IFF
LBO = dBASE IV compiled label
LBR = Compressed archive (LU)
LBR = Lotus 1-2-3 display driver
LBS = Omnis Studio Application File
LBT = FoxPro additional (FPT) label description file
LBV = Tonline Ob4hbci Layout Print file
LBW = dxsdk lib file
LBX = FoxPro main (DBF) label description file
LBZ = compressed LBM image
LC = Textbridge Classic Bin file
LCC = "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
LCC = Mime: application/fastman
LCD = Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
LCF = HP-95 Comm log-on configuration script
LCF = Linker Control File (Norton Guides compiler)
lcfl = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Language Support File
LCH = IBM Works for OS/2 chart
LCI = "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser file
LCK = Lock file (database access control)
LCL = Data (FTP Software PC/TCP)
LCL = Mime: application/x-digitalloca
lCLW = (MAC FILE_TYPE) ClarisWorks Art Library
LCN = WordPerfect lection
LCR = Mime: application/x-digitalloca
LCS = Datafile (ACT! History Files)
LCW = Spreadsheet; Lucid 3D
LD = Telix Long Distance codes file
LD1 = dBASE overlay file
LD_ = Visc15 Adressen Setup file
LDA = LaserData image format
LDB = Data filer database (IBM Works for OS/2)
LDB = MS Access Record-Locking Information
LDC = Steuer2001 file
LDD = Laser Dispatch Data
LDF = Data filer form (IBM Works for OS/2)
LDF = Geoworks Library Definition File
LDF = LuraDocument Format image format
LDI = LDIF file (address book interchange format)
LDIF = LDIF file (address book interchange format)
LDL = Corel Paradox Delivered Library
LDR = Symantec Ghost template file
LDS = Corel40 Programs Data file
LDS = Linux compile time header, contents compareable to a C header file
LE = Executable image (DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender)
LE$ = Basic Vb file
LE_ = Basic Vb compressed Disk1 file
LEAD = wavelet compressed format image format
LEC = Game resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
LEG = LEGacy document
LEN = Sheffield dictionary file
LES = LESson
LES = Logitech Entertainment system game profiles
LET = Maestro Icons file
LEV = LEVel file (eg. NetHack 3.x)
LEX = HP-Basic Language Extension
LEX = Lexicon (dictionary) . Different formats used by diff. programs
LFA = LifeForm File
LFD = LucasArts resource (LucasArts games)
LFF = LucasFilm Format image format
lfil = (MAC FILE TYPE) True Type Font
LFL = Game resource file (Indiana Jones,Loom..)
LFM = LifeForm File
LFP = LifeForm File
LFT = Laser printer font (ChiWriter)
LG = Compressed archive (Arhangel)
LG = LoGo procedure definitions (LSRHS Logo)
LGA = Windows Applog file
LGC = Audio
LGC = Corel Layout Designer logic file for SGML
LGC = Windows application log, used for optimizations
LGD = Windows application log, used for optimizations
LGE = Windows application log, used for optimizations
LGF = Windows application log, used for optimizations
LGG = Win Applog file
LGH = Mime: application/lgh
LGH = Windows Applog file
LGI = Windows Applog file
LGJ = Win Applog file
LGK = Windows Applog file
LGL = Windows Applog file
LGM = Windows Applog file
LGN = Windows Applog file
LGO = LoGO for header and footer (SuperFax)
LGO = Windows 3.0 logo driver (bitmap)
LGP = Gnu licency text file
LGP = Win Applog file
LGPL= = GNU Licency file (licency.lgpl)
LGQ = Win Applog file
LGR = Windows Applog file
LGS = Windows Applog file
LGT = Urban Chaos Game File
LGZ = Windows Applog file
LH = Morph file
LHA = alternate suffix for LZH
LHA = Mime: application/lha
LHA = Mime: application/octet-stream
LHA = Mime: application/x-lha
LHARC = Archiv
LHS = Literate Haskell source code
LHW = Compressed Amiga archive (LHWarp)
LHX = Mime: application/octet-stream
LHZ = Compressed file archive (LHA)
LI$ = MS compressed LIB; decompress with UNPACK.EXE
LI_ = Rukus file
LIB = Library file (several programming languages)
libr = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Shared Library
LIC = License (vendors like Microsoft Visual C++)
LIC = LICense file
LIC = Mime: application/x-enterlicense
LICMGR = Mime: application/x-licensemgr
LID = Quicken ace Quicken 2002 Deluxe file
LIF = Archive, used by Knowledge Dynamics' Install.exe
LIF = Compressed file archive (CA Clipper installer)
LIF = HomeWorld Texture image format
LIF = Logical Interchange Format data file (Hewlett-Packard)
LIGHTWAVE = Objet Lightwave 3D (layered)
LIM = Compressed file archive (Limit)
LIN = AutoCAD LINe types/arc'd
Link = (MAC FILE_TYPE) CodeWarrior Linker
LINUX = File for Linux
LIQ = Liquid Tracker Module
LIS = Compiler listing file
LIS = list file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program
LISP = Lisp translators file
LISPM = Bitmap image (Lisp Machine file)
List = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Mailing List
LIST = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Microsoft Recipient Lis
list = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Property List
LIST = Blindwrite cd copier file
LIST = Mime: text/plain
LIST3820 = Mime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap
LISTAFP = Mime: application/vnd.ibm.modcap
LIT = Microsoft Reader eBook
LIT = Movie
LIV = LiveMotions file
LIVEREG = Symantec Livereg file
LIVEUPDATE = Symantec Liveupdate file
LIX = Logos Book File
LIZ = Comprressed list file
LJ = Bitmap image (HP LaserJet graphics file)
LKO = Outlook Express file
LKS = Learn Key's Real CBT
LKU = T9000 linkable unit
LL = Links Language template file
LL = Preview file List&Label LLVIEW.exe (combit GmbH)
LL3 = Laplink III related file (document)
LLB = National Instruments LabVIEW vi library
LLC = LapLink Saved Connection File
LLD = Links Language Data file
LLX = Tonline Ob4hbci file
LM8 = Picture File
LMA = Mime: audio/nspaudio
LMA = Mime: audio/x-nspaudio
LMA = Netscape packetized audio (LiveAudio)
LMAN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) NT Services for Mac
lmbs = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Photoshop Filter
LMD = Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint file
LMF = Library Mapping File for Orcad and altera data interchange files
LML = Mime: x-lml/x-lml
LMLPACK = Mime: x-lml/x-lmlpack
LMP = Doom Wall/Flats (DOOM=3D PC game)
LMP = Mime: model/vnd.gdl
LMP = Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
LMW = Lmw examples file
LN03 = Bitmap image (DEC LN03+ Sixel file)
LND = 3D Landscape Data
LNG = Adobe Acrobat language plug-in vdkhome
LNG = Language definition file
LNG = Language extensions (Lahey Fortran)
LNK = Linker response file/script
LNK = Shortcut Windows 9x (LiNK)
LNM = Corel WordPerfect SGML alias
LNX = Gen Linux file
LO_ = WINXP SYSTEM32 WBEM , Logs file
LOC = Localisation string resource header file
LOCAL = Xset setup program bin file
locR = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Location Manager Setting
LOD = Load file
LOF = Auxiliary file for List Of Figures (LaTeX)
LOG = generic log/read with Notepad
LOG = Mime: text/plain
LOK = Omnipage9 file
LOT = Auxiliary file for List Of Tables (LaTeX)
LP = Lightscape 3D Object
LPA = LPA-View Laser Particle Analyser Test Analysis Software
LPB = LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC
LPC = IBM-OS 390 based DMS(Document management system) mixed texts and annotations
LPC = Sound (Linear Predictive Coding)
LPC = TEKO printer driver
LPD = Helix Nuts and Bolts file
LPE = Layout Parameter Extrat netlist
LPI = many scanners : Laser Printer Information
LPK = License Package
LQF = Leech FTP Save Queue File
LQT = Music (Liquid Audio)
LR = i.Mage file
LRC = Intel Video Phone file
LRF = Ms C/C++ Linker Response File
LRG = Picture; Macromedia XRes multi-resolution bitmap
LRP = IBM Works for OS/2 report
LRS = WordPerfect for Win Language ReSource file
LRT = Yacc log file
LRU = Med profiles default file
LS = Links 98 game file
LS = Unix ls = dir file
LS1 = Winhelp Source file
LS_ = Unix ls = dir file
LSA = LightScape Technologies ASCII data
LSB = LightScape Technologies binary data
LSC = Tune Smithy List of Muscial Scales
LSD = Fifa World Cup game data environment file
LSF = advanced Streaming Format File (mplayer2)
LSF = Mime: video/x-la-asf
LSF = Mime: video/x-ms-asf
LSI = Audio
LSI = Corel Layout Specification Instance SGML
LSL = Paradox
LSN = Msworks file
LSO = Bhv Tonstudio Platin file
LSO = Logic Audio Song (Emagic)
LSP = LiSP language source code (AutoLISP/Xlisp)
LSP = Lisp Source
LSP = Mime: application/x-lisp
LSP = Mime: text/x-script.lisp
LSQ = "IBM Voice Type" languages Addword file
LSS = Spreadsheet (Legato/IBM Works for OS/2)
LSS = WordPro; LotusScript macro language
LST = 1st Reader keyboard macro
LST = AAICWpro Spam list file
LST = LiST text file
LST = Mime: text/plain
LST = Oracle spool file
LSV = Tonline Ob4hbci Layout Print file
LSW = Golf Swapfiles file
LSX = Advanced Streaming Redirector File
LSX = Mime: text/x-la-asf
LSX = Mime: video/x-la-asf
LSX = Mime: video/x-ms-asf
LSZ = Adressmn Default.dbu file
LTB = Amma Lsb v1.0 file
LTE = Adressmn file
LTM = Bitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data )
LTM = Form (Lotus Forms)
LTMC = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access File
LTN = CDROM driver file
LTR = often: LeTteR
LTX = Mathematical text document (LaTeX)
LTX = Mime: application/x-latex
LU = ThoughtWing Library Unit File
LUCS = Amaya tools file
LUT = Osiris Prefs Colordir file
LVL = Parallax Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension
LVP = LView Pro image format
LVP = Mime: audio/vnd.lucent.voice
LVS = Layout Vs Schematic netlist
LWD = LotusWorks text document
LWF = Luratech Wavelet
LWF = LuraWave Format image format
LWFN = (MAC CREATOR CODE) Adobe's Type 1 Font
LWFN = (MAC FILE TYPE) Adobe Type 1 Font (PostScript font)
LWFN = (MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter Font
LWFU = (MAC FILE_TYPE) LaserWriter Utility
LWI = Light Work Image image format
LWLO = 3d Graphic
LWO = LightWave Objects
LWOB = 3d Graphic
LWP = IBM Works for OS/2 document
LWP = Lotus Wordpro 96/97
LWP = Mime: application/vnd.lotus-wordpro
LWS = LightWave Scene
LWSC = 3d Graphic
LWV = MS Linguistically Enhanced Sound File
LWZ = Linguistically enhanced sound file (Microsoft)
LXA = Microsoft SpeechEngines Lexicon file
LXO = LaserMaster Font
LYR = Lyrics for Audio CD (MS applet)
LYR = Song LYRics (ASCII)
LZA = Animation
lzcn = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access Prefs
lzco = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access Scrip
LZD = Difference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
LZH = LH ARC compressed archive
LZH = Mime: application/octet-stream
LZH = Mime: application/x-lzh
lzlg = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access File
lzpf = (MAC FILE_TYPE) Remote Access Prefs
LZS = Compressed file archive (LARC)
LZS = Skyroads data file
LZW = Compressed Amiga file archive (LHWarp)
LZW = gen. Lempel/ziff/welch compressed file
LZX = Archive, often used on Amiga
LZX = Mime: application/lzx
LZX = Mime: application/octet-stream
LZX = Mime: application/x-lzx

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