Eroare:Invalid Boot.ini file Booting from C:\Windows\

1.     Start
2.     Run
3.     Chkdsk/R
4.     Enter
5.     F12
6.     Din Boot menu alegem optiunea:  CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
7.     Enter
8.     Ne apare mesajul  pe ecran : „Press any key to boot from CD”
9.     Enter
10.                        In fereastra „Welcome to Setup”  alegem :
      „To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console , press R”    
                si apasam tasta R
11.                        Enter
12.                        In fereastra „Microsoft Windows XP <TM> Recovery Console ” ne apare urmatorul mesaj:
„The Recovery Console provides system repair and recovery functionality.
  Type EXIT to quit the Recovery Console and Restart the Computer”
In fereastra „Microsoft Windows XP <TM> Recovery Console ”
1: C:\Windows>
Which Windows installation would you like to log auto <To cancel ,press  enter>?  Introducem de la tastatura valoarea  1
Type the administrator password : diadora
13.                        C:\Windows>bootcfg  /list
14.                        Enter
15.                        C:\Windows>bootcfg  /rebuild
16.                        Enter
17.                        Ne apare  mesajul pe ecran:
„Scanning  all disks for windows  installations
  Please wait,since this may take a while...
  Total identified Windows  installs:1
  [1]: C:\Windows”
18.                        Ne apare mesajul: „Add installation to boot list?<yes/no/all>”  si introducem y de la tastatura
19.                        Enter
20.                        La mesajul: „Enter load identifier:
Microsoft Windows Xp Professional”
21.                        Enter
22.                        La mesajul : „Enter OS load options”:/fastdetect introducem fastdetect
23.                        Enter
24.                        C:\windows >exit
25.                        Enter

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