Problemele rezolvate de Service Pack 2 in Microsoft Office Visio 2007

VisioAppointments in a Microsoft Office Outlook calendar do not import into Visio when the language version of Visio and the Windows locale setting are different.
VisioIf a Visio file name contains the -r- or -s- characters (for example, “filename -r-”), it triggers a repair of the application when the file is opened in Visio 2007.
VisioIn a UML Model Diagram, changing the Flow Kind of a Message Object does not correctly reset the Operation field in the UML Message Properties dialog box.
VisioScript errors occur when Windows Internet Explorer 8 is used to browse Web pages that are saved from Visio.
VisioVisio crashes when the 117th layer is added to the page.
VisioWhen a shape is dragged between two instances of Visio, the open regions of the shape are opaque, and this makes it difficult to position the shape on the new page.
VisioWhen a user creates a new blank drawing, the user cannot select a font size from the font size drop-down list box in the Formatting toolbar. This issue is fixed in SP2.
VisioWhen a Visio drawing is inserted as a linked object in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, and the link is updated, the quality of the image degrades.
VisioWhen the Reports feature is used to create a report in Microsoft Office Excel, Excel opens without any user interface except the worksheet window. The ribbon does not appear.

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